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Anglia cars for sale South Africa

Anglia cars for sale South Africa



How much does a Ford Anglia cost?

On  average, the price of a Ford Anglia is $29,601.



Who made Anglia cars?

The Ford Anglia is a small family car that was designed and manufactured by Ford UK. The Anglia name was applied to various models between 1939 and 1967. In total, 1,594,486 Anglias were produced.


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How big is a Ford Anglia?

The length of a Ford Anglia is 3898 mm across all variants.



What is the difference between a Ford Anglia and a Ford Popular?

Generally, the Popular 103E differed visually from the Anglia E494E in having smaller headlights and a lack of trim on the side of the bonnet.



What engine does a Ford Anglia have?

The Ford Anglia 105E 1000 has a Inline 4, Petrol engine with 997 cm3 / 60.8 cu-in capacity.



Where to Anglia cars in South Africa?

The following are where to buy Anglia cars in South Africa

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