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Auto and General Insurance South Africa

Auto and General Insurance South Africa

Auto and General Insurance South Africa
Auto and General Insurance South Africa


You are on, in this article, we bring to you everything to know about Auto and General Insurance. An insurance company is any firm that provides a means by which risk is managed. Put it this way, Auto and General Insurance sells packages that offer protection against unexpected life circumstances in relation to damages, loss, theft or any bad situation.

With that said, Auto and General Insurance provides an array of insurance protection categorized into four groups. These are Auto and General Insurance Motor Insurance, Auto and General Insurance Health Insurance, Auto and General Insurance Business Insurance, and Auto and General Insurance Home Insurance. These are some but a few of the insurance services this company offers. Other areas of protection include Fire Insurance, Life Insurance, Liability Insurance, Business Insurance, and many more.

About Auto and General Insurance

For over three decades, South Africans have relied on Auto & General to take care of all their insurance needs – from car insurance and home insurance to business and life insurance as well as Value Added Products.

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Established in 1985 as part of TIH (Telesure Investment Holdings), this proudly South African company has made its mark globally – providing peace of mind to over 11 million people in more than eight countries.

While we are a diverse, agile and evolving company, constantly pursuing new ways to deliver on our customer’s changing needs, our commitment to service excellence remains constant – making us a leader in the South African insurance industry.

Services of Auto and General Insurance

Contacts of Auto and General Insurance

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.


Our emergency assist number for home, road, medical and trauma assistance can be accessed 24/7/365 by calling 0860 10 42 10. Please note that these numbers are for emergencies and assistance requests only.

0860 10 42 10


+27(11) 694 6694


Auto & General Park
1 Telesure Lane
Riverglen, Dainfern
PO Box 11250

Frequently Asked Questions on Insurance in South Africa

How Much Is Car Insurance per Month in South Africa?

Car insurance in South Africa comes at an average cost of ZAR 1,322.00 per month. It should be noted that this varies greatly from one company to another the difference is the extent of insurance coverage you get and other premium services that come with the package. On a broader scale, the average monthly payment for car insurance is about 58 USD. Factors that influence your insurance premium include your driving history, your current location, and the coverage.

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Does Life Insurance Pay for Suicidal Death?

The answer to this question varies from one insurance company to the other. However, most insurance companies include a suicide clause in their life insurance policies. This simply means that the first two years of a life insurance policy do not cover suicide-related circumstances. This is done to protect the firm from situations where a policyholder purposefully commits suicide with the hope of winning his family or beneficiaries’ payouts. But in the case of a life insurance policyholder whose been with the firm for more than 2 years, a death benefit is paid out to the beneficiaries.

What Is Short-Term Insurance?

Short-term insurance is any insurance policy that lasts for an hour, day, week or month. These policies are designed for very short-term needs. It should however be noted that some insurance companies offer longer durations under this package. Generally, they provide protection against theft, damage to goods or property or any other form of liability.

What Is Excess in Insurance?

Excess in insurance is generally the amount of money you have to pay to cover your insurance claim. This allows the insurance to pass on an agreed amount of the risk to the policyholder and is included in the policy. So in the event of an insurance claim, the beneficiary pays a portion of the claim cost and the insurance company pays the rest.

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How Much Is House Insurance in South Africa?

How much is house insurance cost in South Africa? In South Africa, prices for home insurance vary from Rs 1,800 per square foot for basic projects and Rs 3,000 per sq ft for lavish projects. The coverage for house insurance extends to theft, fire, malicious or flooding, lightning, and storms. The two common coverage include Home Structure Insurance and Home Content Insurance.

Home structure insurance protects against damages to the structure of the building on the exterior or interior often resulting from storms, earthquakes, flooding, or lightning.

The home content insurance covers property theft within the house or damages to any property within the house.




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