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Bentley cars for sale in South Africa

Bentley cars for sale in South Africa



How much does a Bentley cost in SA?

In South Africa, averagely, a Bentley cost about R 7 460 000.



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How much is the cheapest Bentley car?

The Bentley price on the Bentayga starts right around R2,765,072.00.


How many people own a Bentley in South Africa?

Recently, around 25,000 units of the hand-built supercar have been sold in South Africa, accounting for 70% of all Bentley sales.



How much is Bentley in South Africa 2022?

The base price for a Continental GT Speed Coupe in South Africa is R5 045 000 (May 2022), but the options list is long and enticing.


How much is Bentley Flying Spur 2022 in South Africa?

In South Africa, the Bentley Flying Spur cost around R 6 250 000.

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Where to buy Bentley cars in South Africa?




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