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Budget Car Insurance | Quotes, Claim and Numbers

Budget Car Insurance | Quotes, Claim and Numbers

Car Insurance in South Africa
Car Insurance in South Africa

You are on, in this article, we bring to you everything to know about Budget Car Insurance. An insurance company is any firm that provides a means by which risk is managed. Put it this way, Budget Car Insurance sells packages that offer protection against unexpected life circumstances in relation to damages, loss, theft or any bad situation.

About Budget Car Insurance

Coverage of Budget Car Insurance

What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive Car Insurance is everything you’ve been looking for from an insurance partner. It’s the full package. It covers more risks than any other type of auto insurance. This includes theft and hijacking, loss, accidental damage, and third-party damage.

And when you have cover with Budget, it’s also affordable, ‘cos we know you can’t afford not to have it. Here’s more detail on what our Comprehensive plan covers:

  • Theft, hijacking, and loss
  • Accident Cover
  • Third-party cover

What is Third-Party, Fire & Theft Car Insurance?

Third-Party, Fire & Theft Cover is our mid-range option between Comprehensive and Third-Party Only. Even though the name says it all, let’s take a look in detail what you’re covered for when you take out this type of insurance.

  • Third-Party Cover
  • Fire Cover
  • Theft Cover

Budget Lite Insurance

If your car has been around the block (a few times) then you deserve a special kind of insurance. We know that not everyone wants cover for absolutely everything when it comes to car insurance and that finding extra money each month to pay your car insurance can be hard. This is why, at Budget Insurance, we’ve come up with three super affordable car insurance packages for smaller budgets. Check out the three options in our Budget Lite range below and pick the one that best suits your pocket. We’re going back to basics and keeping things simple – as simple as getting a Budget Lite Insurance quote online in minutes!

What is Budget Lite Insurance?

Are you driving a car that’s under R250 000? If you answered ‘yes’ to this question, then Budget Lite cover could be just what you need.

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We get that everyone has different budgets, and we’re here to look out for those with the smaller ones. Our three Budget Lite options offer three affordable car insurance options for vehicles in the lower price bracket. We’re pretty sure that you’ll find the one that’s right for you.

Budget Lite 1

If your main concern is theft and third-party cover, then Budget Lite 1 is our car insurance option for you. Your car is covered if it is stolen or hijacked and you will be covered for up to R1 million in third-party cover. You can even upgrade your cover to include your car’s sound system if you like.

Budget Lite 2

Budget Lite 2 insures your car if it’s written-off after an accident, covers up to R1 million for third-party damage, and theft and hail damage cover. We’ll also throw in our Accident Assist benefit which includes towing and storing your car after an accident.

Budget Lite 3

With Budget Lite 3, you get full cover if your car is written-off after an accident, up to R1 million third-party cover, insurance for theft and hail damage, and limited accident cover. We’ll also tow and store your car after an accident with our Accident Assist benefit. Budget Lite 3 is now available for financed cars, too!

In South Africa, vehicle theft cover is a must-have. Without insurance, if your car is stolen, you’ll have to keep paying it off even though it’s in the hands of a criminal. We will pay you out for your car so you can pay off what you still owe on it and possibly even put a deposit down on a new car. Get a car insurance quote online with us today!

If you damage someone else’s car in an accident that is your fault, did you know you can be legally responsible for paying to repair the damage? Third-party cover protects you when this happens by covering the costs of the repairs up to the limit in your schedule.

Comprehensive 4X4 Vehicle Insurance

We offer only the most comprehensive cover for the most comprehensive vehicles, like your 4X4. This means when you accept a 4X4 Insurance quote, you get cover for any accident damage, theft, and third-party damage, and cover for a few extras on top of that, including:

  • Up to R10 000 for standard accessories (excluding sound system) fitted to the vehicle

  • Reprogramming of the anti-theft system and cover for the vehicle’s keys if they are lost or damaged

  • The spare wheel if it’s stolen with the vehicle

  • The vehicle’s factory-fitted cellphone car kit

  • The windscreen

  • Spare wheel cover

  • The option to increase your Third-Party Liability Cover to R5 million, R10 million, or R20 million

If you want even more extras and goodies, you can choose to add the following to your policy:

  • Sound system cover

  • Vehicle canopy cover

  • Up to R50 000 cover for standard accessories (excluding sound system) fitted to the vehicle for an additional amount

  • Hail damage cover

  • Car hire

Also, just because you like to explore the world in your 4X4 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the same cover when you cross South Africa’s borders. We’ll insure your vehicle’s adventures in Kenya, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

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Assist benefits

It isn’t comprehensive insurance if it doesn’t come with comprehensive assist benefits too, right? Here are all the extra benefits that come standard when you get 4X4 Vehicle Insurance:

Roadside Assist

  • Towing and storage: If you’re in an accident, we’ll tow your vehicle either to storage or to the nearest approved repairer and pay for the reasonable costs of this. Make sure to call our dedicated tow line number so we can be sure we get the right people to tow your 4X4.

  • Basic assistance: Run out of petrol? Burst a tyre? You can count on our roadside assistance to come to your location to help get you on your way again.

Medical Assist

  • Emergency assist line: If you have a medical emergency at any time of the day or night and need urgent medical advice, you can call our dedicated line to get help from trained professionals.

Legal Assist

  • Basic legal services: We have a team of qualified legal professionals who can help draw up legal documents, assist with courtroom prep, and offer expert advice.

  • Tax assistance: Submitting your personal income tax is a breeze with our qualified tax experts. Just send them your relevant documents and they’ll take care of the rest, making sure you’re compliant and submit your tax on time, every time.

4X4 Vehicle Insurance quote

Start your 4×4 Vehicle Insurance quote online today to find out just how affordable our Off-Road Insurance is. You can even adjust your monthly payments and excess amounts to suit your own budget.

If you prefer to speak to one of our professional consultants, give us a call on 0861 00 13 53 and we’ll help you find an Off-Road Insurance quote you can afford, ‘cos you can’t afford not to!

Contacts of Budget Car Insurance

New Customer Sales: 0861 00 12 94   |   Existing Customer Sales, Services & Claims: 0861 60 01 20   |   24 Hour Emergency Assistance: 0860 10 42 11

Budget Car Insurance Quote

An insurance quote or simply Quote is the amount of money a would-be policyholder pays to an insurance company for the service of insurance coverage. The amount charged or the premium to be paid depends on the location of the client, personal information, coverage, and other factors. The link below allows checking for your Car Insurance Quote with Dotsure. Below are some factor to consider

  1. Credit Rating
  2. Age
  3. A good security
  4. Driving Behaviour

Check Quote

Budget Car Insurance Claim

An insurance claim is the amount of money to be paid out to a beneficiary in the event of an incident such as Car accident, damage, theft or lost property.

Start Claim Process

Which Company Gives Cheapest Car Insurance in South Africa?

Finding the cheapest car insurance in South Africa can be a difficult task for you, in light of the number of insurance companies in South Africa. Below we list some of the best car insurers in South Africa. It should be noted that offers change from time to time between these companies. Therefore, using an aggregator service such as can prove invaluable. Listed are the Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in South Africa

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What is the Best Car Insurance in South Africa?

In South Africa, one of the best car insurers you can get is Discovery Insurance. It should be noted that it isn’t the cheapest car insurance. However, they provide a wide array of services at competitive market premiums.

Why Can’t I get Car Insurance in South Africa?

A car insurance application focuses on three main requirements, these are your driving history, location, and other personal information. To be denied an insurance application means the car insurance provider didn’t find satisfactory information on your driving history or previous policy. In the event that your former insurance policy provider cancels your policy, your new application with another firm may get rejected, depending on the reasons for policy cancellation. Circumstances such as bankruptcy can also hinder your application.

How Much is Car Insurance Per Month in South Africa?

Generally speaking, a car insurance quote costs about R1,300 per month in South Africa. This however depends on the vehicle type or policy of choice and the car insurance provider of choice. The cheapest policy is the Third Party Policy and the often more expensive policy is the comprehensive car insurance policy. Always compare quotes before settling on a provider.

How to Cancel Car Insurance in South Africa?

The cancellation process is relatively straightforward and simple. Contact the insurance provider on their customer care lines or phone numbers. Provide all necessary details for verification to commence the cancellation process. There is often no need to visit the firm in person as everything can be done online.

What are the Types of Car Insurance Coverage?

Car insurance coverage generally comes in three types, these are Liability Coverage, Collision Coverage, and Comprehensive Coverage.

Liability coverage protects you in situations where you are liable for the damage caused to another person’s car or injury sustained as a result of an error on your part. This coverage pays towards the repair of the victim’s car and/or medical bills. The exact amount is determined in the policy.

Collision Coverage protects you when you damage your car, irrespective of who the cause is. So in the situation of an accident, the insurance provider pays for the repair of your car. The exact amount depends on the policy of choice.

Comprehensive Coverage is often the most versatile car insurance coverage, providing protection against theft, loss, damage and diverse occurrences.

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