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Bursaries Closing In April 2024-2025

Bursaries Closing In April 2024-2025

Bursaries Closing In April 2024-2025
Bursaries Closing In April 2024-2025

Below is a list of bursaries with deadlines set for April. We advise students to click on each link to understand the specific eligibility criteria and bursary details. Typically, these bursaries are granted on an annual basis, and the precise deadlines might vary each year. It’s essential to stay updated and check regularly for any modifications to the dates or other pertinent information.

Goethe Talents Scholarship  (Application closing date: 03 April 2024-2025)

Supports talented young individuals in the arts, offering opportunities for international networking and exposure through the Goethe-Institut’s extensive resources.

Limpopo Department Of Transport And Community Safety Bursary  (Application closing date: 07 April 2024-2025)

Geared towards students from Limpopo, this bursary supports studies in fields relevant to transport and community safety, aiming to bolster local expertise and improve public services.

Sustainable Energy Development Scholarship (Application closing date: 07 April 2024-2025)

Targets students pursuing studies in sustainable energy development, with the goal of promoting innovative solutions to energy challenges and supporting environmental sustainability.

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Foskor Bursary (Application closing date: 14 April 2024-2025)

Offered by Foskor Pty Ltd, this bursary aims to assist students studying engineering, geology, and environmental sciences, preparing them for careers in the mining and mineral industries.

SAAFoST Brian Koeppen Memorial Scholarship (Application closing date: 18 April 2024-2025)

Awards a scholarship in memory of Brian Koeppen, focusing on students in food science and technology to enhance research and development in the food industry.

SAAFoST Aubrey Parsons Study Grant (Application closing date: 18 April 2024-2025)

Supports students in food science, nutrition, and technology, commemorating Aubrey Parsons’ contributions to the field with a focus on fostering educational opportunities.

Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholarship (Application closing date: 21 April 2024-2025)

Highly prestigious, this scholarship supports African leaders of the future by providing education opportunities at South African institutions, emphasizing leadership and reconciliation as inspired by Nelson Mandela.

KMF High School Scholarship  (Application closing date: 24 April 2024-2025)

Aims at providing talented secondary school students with the opportunity for better education, promoting excellence in academic and leadership skills.

Canon Collins Thekgo Bursary  (Application closing date: 26 April 2024-2025)

Designed to support students in law, education, humanities, and arts in Southern Africa, helping them overcome financial barriers to higher education.

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Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship  (Application closing date: 28 April 2024-2025)

Offers comprehensive financial and mentoring support to young entrepreneurs in South Africa, aiming to develop innovative business leaders.

Milliman Opportunity Scholarship  (Application closing date: 28 April 2024-2025)

Assists students from historically underrepresented groups in global professional services and actuarial industries, fostering diversity and inclusion in these fields.

Intra Africa Mobility Agribusiness and Food System Funding  (Application closing date: 30 April 2024-2025)

Supports mobility and research in agribusiness across African universities, aiming to improve food systems and sustainable agricultural practices on the continent.

NWU Postgraduate Academic Merit Bursary  (Application closing date: 30 April 2024-2025)

North-West University offers this bursary to postgraduate students based on academic merit, encouraging advanced study and research.

Shoprite Bursaries  (Application closing date: 30 April 2024-2025)

Provided by the Shoprite Group, these bursaries are aimed at students in retail business, pharmacy, and supply chain management, supporting the development of skilled professionals in the retail industry.

Youth of Excellence Scheme of China Progamme  (Application closing date: 30 April 2024-2025)

Supports students from developing countries studying in China, promoting cultural exchange and academic excellence in various disciplines.

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P.S: Visit each link to get further details about individual bursary program aims, requirements, eligibility, and application process. Usually, most of the bursaries are offered yearly and the exact application deadline is often updated every year. Be sure to check for any further changes in the dates and other details.

List Of Bursaries In South Africa That Open Year Around (No Deadline):

All these listed bursaries do not have an exact deadline for application opening and closing. Students can submit applications throughout the year.

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