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Bursaries Closing In December 2023

Bursaries Closing In December 2023

Bursaries Closing In December 2023
Bursaries Closing In December 2023


Are you searching for opportunities to fund your education as the year draws to a close? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of bursaries closing in December. Navigating the financial landscape of education can be challenging, but with the right information, you can unlock doors to various bursaries that cater to a wide range of academic fields and personal circumstances.

Whether you’re a high school senior, a current university student, or someone looking to further their education, understanding the options available as the year ends is crucial. Let’s explore the opportunities that await you with bursaries closing in December and how you can seize them before the year’s deadline.

ADSA Bursary: (Application closing date: 02 December )

The ADSA Bursary is Tailored for students pursuing studies in dietetics and nutrition, the ADSA Bursary supports passionate individuals in this field, with applications closing on 1st December.

Northern Cape Bursary Funding  (Application closing date: 02 December )

The Northern Cape Bursary aims to assist students from the Northern Cape in various fields of study, with a closing date for applications on 2nd December.

Gold One Group Bursary (Application closing date: 03 December )

The Gold One Group Bursary is targeted at students interested in mining and engineering sectors, the Gold One Group Bursary offers financial aid with a deadline of 3rd December.

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Energy Mobility Education Trust Scholarship  (Application closing date: 07 December )

The Energy Mobility Education Trust Scholarship is focused on supporting students in energy and mobility studies, this scholarship has an application deadline of 7th December.

Breede Valley Municipality Bursary  (Application closing date: 09 December )

The Breede Valley Municipality Bursary is designed for residents of the Breede Valley area, this bursary supports local students in their studies, with applications due by 9th December.

Pyrotec Bursary (Application closing date: 09 December )

The Pyrotec Bursary caters to students pursuing careers in technical and engineering fields, with a deadline for applications on 9th December.

BASF South Africa Trust Bursary  (Application closing date: 10 December )

The BASF South Africa Trust Bursary is offered by BASF, this bursary aids students in chemistry and related fields, with applications closing on 10th December.

Eskom Bursaries  (Application closing date: 12 December )

The Eskom bursary is aimed at students in engineering, IT, and business, Eskom’s bursaries provide substantial support, closing on 12th December.

FEMEF Mike Ilsley Memorial Scholarship (Application closing date: 15 December )

The FEMEF Mike Ilsley Memorial Scholarship is dedicated to finance and economics students, with a closing date of 15th December.

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SAIBPP Bursary Fund  (Application closing date: 15 December )

The SAIBPP Bursary Fund is supporting Black property practitioners, this bursary fund closes its applications on 15th December.

Mukuru Bursary  (Application closing date: 19 December )

The Mukuru Bursary offers this bursary for students in various fields, with a deadline of 19th December for applications.

Professional Provident Society (PPS) Foundation Bursary  (Application closing date: 19 December )

The Professional Provident Society (PPS) Foundation Bursary caters to students in professional studies, this bursary closes on 19th December.

SEIFSA Bursary (Application closing date: 30 December )

The SEIFSA Bursary is focused on the steel and engineering industries, this bursary’s application deadline is 30th December.

KPMG Bursary  (Application closing date: 31 December )

The KPMG Bursary for students in accounting and finance, the KPMG Bursary provides financial aid with a closing date of 31st December.

PSG Bursary  (Application closing date: 31 December )

The PSG bursary aimed at students in the financial services sector, applications for the PSG Bursary close on 31st December.

SANZAF Zakah Bursary  (Application closing date: 31 December )

The SANZAF Zakah bursary supports Muslim students in various fields, with a deadline of 31st December.

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The Hexagon Trust Bursary  (Application closing date: 31 December )

The Hexagon Trust Bursary is focused on engineering and science students, this bursary also closes on 31st December.

Siemens Energy Bursary (currently open for new application)

The Siemens Energy Bursary is a bursary for students in energy-related fields, currently open for new applications.

As we have seen, bursaries closing in December offer a wide array of financial assistance opportunities for students in various stages of their educational journey. From streamlining your application process to understanding the eligibility criteria, it’s important to be well-prepared as these deadlines approach.

Remember, these bursaries are not just financial aids; they are stepping stones towards achieving your academic and career goals. Don’t let these opportunities slip away as the year comes to an end. Act now, apply wisely, and take a significant step towards securing your educational future with the bursaries closing in December.

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