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Bursaries Closing In February 2024-2025

Bursaries Closing In February 2024-2025

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Bursaries Closing In February 2024-2025

As February 2024-2025 approaches, a wealth of educational opportunities unfold for aspiring students across South Africa. This month marks a critical deadline for a diverse array of bursaries, offering financial support to those pursuing higher education. Whether you’re aiming for a career in engineering, finance, arts, or environmental sciences, these bursaries provide a stepping stone toward achieving your academic goals. With closing dates spanning throughout February, it’s a crucial time to seize these opportunities and lay the groundwork for a successful and bright future.

Department of Transport Bursary: Supports students in transport-related fields. Closes on February 3.

Inkomati-Usuthu Catchment Management Agency (IUCMA) Bursaries: For water resource management studies. Closes on February 3.

NESP Scholarship: Offers funding for a variety of academic programs. Closes on February 3.

Reatile Foundation Trust Bursary: Supports students in various disciplines. Closes on February 3.

Clockwork Empowerment Fund Bursary: Aims to empower students in diverse fields. Closes on February 4.

ABSIP Bursary: Focuses on financial and business studies. Closes on February 6.

Overberg District Municipality Bursary: For residents/students in the Overberg region. Closes on February 6.

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Cape Agulhas Municipality Bursary: Supports students from the Cape Agulhas area. Closes on February 10.

Knysna Municipality Mayoral Bursary: For students in the Knysna municipality region. Closes on February 10.

Clover Pinnacle Bursary: Open to a range of study fields. Closes on February 12.

Pernod Ricard Bursary: Supports studies in various academic disciplines. Closes on February 15.

Garden Cities Bursary: Offers funding for students in construction and related fields. Closes on February 17.

FoodBev SETA Bursary: Targets food and beverage industry studies. Closes on February 17.

Zululand Anthracite Colliery Bursary: For mining and engineering related studies. Closes on February 17.

School of Entrepreneurship & Arena Holdings Bursary: Supports entrepreneurship studies. Closes on February 19.

South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) Bursary: For architectural studies. Closes on February 25.

Armscor External Bursary: For engineering and science fields. Closes on February 27.

South African Reserve Bank Art Scholarship: Supports arts studies. Closes on February 27.

ATNS Bursaries South Africa: For aviation-related studies. Closes on February 28.

Department of Sport, Arts and Culture (DSAC) Bursaries: For sports, arts, and culture studies. Closes on February 28.

Digby Wells Bursary: Environmental science and related fields. Closes on February 28.

FASSET Outstanding Study Debt Assistance Grant: Assists with outstanding study debt in finance and accounting. Closes on February 28.

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GCRA Bursary: For Gauteng residents in various fields. Closes on February 28.

UFS Honours Bursaries: For Honours level studies at UFS. Extended date, closes on February 28.

UFS Master’s and Doctoral Bursaries: For postgraduate studies at UFS. Closes on February 28.

UFS Postgraduate Diploma Bursary: For postgraduate diploma studies at UFS. Closes on February 28.

Siemens Energy Bursary: Currently open for applications, supports energy-related studies.

List Of Bursaries In South Africa That Open Year Around (No Deadline):

BBD Bursary and Beyond Programme: This program goes beyond financial assistance, offering comprehensive support for students in technology and computer science fields. It includes mentorship and potential employment opportunities with BBD upon graduation.

ClubX Magazine Bursary: Aimed at young, creative minds, this bursary supports students pursuing careers in media, journalism, or related fields. ClubX Magazine focuses on nurturing the next generation of writers and media professionals.

Deloitte & Touche Bursary: For those aspiring to a career in accounting or finance, the Deloitte & Touche Bursary provides significant financial support. It’s ideal for students aiming to join the ranks of esteemed chartered accountants.

Minds Scholarship Programme: This scholarship is focused on leadership and development, targeting African students who demonstrate leadership potential and are committed to the continent’s progress and development.

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Moore SAICA Trainee Bursary: Specifically designed for students pursuing qualifications in accounting, this bursary supports those aiming to become chartered accountants and offers trainee positions within Moore for practical experience.

TTI Bursary: Tailored for students in technical and engineering fields, the TTI Bursary provides financial aid and often includes opportunities for internships or practical training within the industry.

As we near the end of February 2024-2025, it’s imperative for students to take action and apply for the various bursaries available. These bursaries, covering a wide range of fields and interests, are not just financial aids but are keys to unlocking a world of potential and opportunity. They represent hope, support, and an investment in the future of South Africa’s youth. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this transformative journey. Act now, apply before the deadlines, and embark on the path to academic and professional success with the support of these essential bursaries.

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