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Bursaries Closing In May 2024-2025

Bursaries Closing In May 2024-2025

Bursaries Closing In April 2024-2025

Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship (Deadline: 01 May 2024-2025): This renowned scholarship enables students from over 155 countries to pursue studies or research in the USA, promoting cross-cultural understanding and educational exchange.

Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa Bursaries (Deadline: 02 May 2024-2025): Aimed at pharmacy students, these bursaries support individuals committed to addressing South Africa’s health care challenges by pursuing a career in pharmacy.

Eastern Cape Provincial Treasury Bursary (Deadline: 05 May 2024-2025): Designed for students from the Eastern Cape who are interested in finance and economics, this bursary aims to enhance the fiscal management skills within the province.

RBI Technical and Vocational Education and Training Bursary (Deadline: 05 May 2024-2025): Supports students engaged in technical and vocational training programs, facilitating skill development across various industries.

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TETA Scholarship at the World Maritime University (WMU) (Deadline: 05 May 2024-2025): Offered by the Transport Education Training Authority, this scholarship aids students in maritime studies at WMU, encouraging expertise in the maritime sector.

Tharisa Bursary (Deadline: 06 May 2024-2025): Provided by Tharisa Plc, this bursary supports students in mining and engineering fields, contributing to the skill pool in the mining industry.

Generation Google Scholarship: Women in Computer Science (Deadline: 16 May 2024-2025): Aims to empower women pursuing computer science or related fields, fostering leadership and innovation in technology.

Sasol South African Mainstream Bursary (Deadline: 23 May 2024-2025): Sasol offers this bursary to undergraduate students in STEM fields, preparing them for critical roles in South Africa’s industries.

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Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships (Deadline: 24 May 2024-2025): Enables students from Commonwealth nations to pursue a two-year master’s program in another Commonwealth country, enhancing global perspectives and academic collaboration.

Boston City Campus Bursary (Deadline: 30 May 2024-2025): Supports students who wish to pursue varied programs at Boston City Campus, from business to tech and creative arts.

Rumdel Cape Bursary (Deadline: 31 May 2024-2025): Focuses on civil engineering students, aiding those interested in a career in construction and infrastructure development.

SADC Secondary School Essay Competition (Deadline: 31 May 2024-2025): Encourages critical writing and thinking among secondary school students in the SADC region, with bursaries as prizes.

Western Australian Premier’s Scholarship (Deadline: 31 May 2024-2025): Assists students from Western Australia in pursuing educational opportunities abroad, fostering international understanding and experience.

List Of Bursaries In South Africa That Open Year Around: These bursaries have no specific deadline, allowing applications throughout the year. They cover various fields, including technology, creative industries, accounting, and leadership development. Examples include the BBD Bursary and Beyond Programme, ClubX Magazine Bursary, Deloitte & Touche Bursary, Minds Scholarship Programme, Moore SAICA Trainee Bursary, and TTI Bursary.

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