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Business Analyst Salary in South Africa

Business Analyst Salary in South Africa

Compensation for IT Business Analysts in South Africa scales with experience:

  • Entry-Level (<1 year): Typically around R256,406.
  • Early Career (1-4 years): Average rises to R360,206.
  • Mid Career (5-9 years): Further increase to R538,000.
  • Late Career (10-19 years): Salaries advance to R621,000.
  • Experienced (20+ years): Reaches around R625,000, reflecting a 55% increase from the early career stage.

What Do Business Analysts Do?

IT Business Analysts focus on enhancing IT operations within a company, providing strategic insights to optimize both hardware and software usage. They conduct in-depth analyses to pinpoint areas for improvement and are integral in bridging the gap between IT capacities and business objectives.

Find your market worth – how it works:

Understanding your market worth involves:

  1. Entering your city and years of experience.
  2. Adding factors such as skills and education.
  3. Receiving a personalized report that helps you negotiate pay confidently.

Common Health Benefits for a Business Analyst

Health benefits provided to IT Business Analysts vary:

  • Medical: 46% have access to medical benefits.
  • Dental: Only 7% receive dental coverage.
  • Vision: Same as dental, at 7%.
  • None: A significant 54% do not receive any form of health benefits.

What Are Popular Skills for Business Analysts?

Skills impacting earnings include:

  • Business Analysis: Average salary of R411,105.
  • Requirements Analysis: Higher average of R444,185.
  • Project Management: Leads with R474,451.
  • Acceptance Testing and Documentation: Pay below the market rate at R387,046 and R390,367, respectively.

Skills That Affect Business Analyst Salaries

Key skills that influence salary variations:

  • Technical Analysis: Increases salary by 52%.
  • ScrumMaster: 37% salary boost.
  • Agile Software Development: Enhances pay by 30%.

Popular Career Paths for Business Analysts

Career trajectories for IT Business Analysts often evolve into:

  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Business Analysis Manager, IT
  • Product Owner

FAQs About Business Analysts

  • What is the highest pay for Business Analysts? Up to ZAR 705k per year.
  • What is the lowest pay for Business Analysts? Starts at ZAR 175k per year.

Business Analyst Salaries By Location

Location significantly affects salary, e.g., Cape Town shows a slight salary increase by 2% compared to the national average.

Popular Employers for Business Analysts

Some of the top paying employers include:

  • Capitec Bank: R617,569.
  • Investec: Around R500,000.
  • Absa: Average pay of R479,561.

Business Analyst Related Job Salaries

Comparative salaries for related positions:

  • Senior Business Analyst: R463k — R980k.
  • Data Analyst: R113k — R554k.
  • Project Manager, General: R122k — R899k.

This structured analysis provides a comprehensive view into the salary dynamics, career opportunities, and market value for Business Analysts within the IT sector in South Africa.

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