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Can I Claim UIF Maternity in South Africa?

The Requirement to Claim UIF Maternity in South Africa



Where can I Claim UIF Maternity in South Africa?

uFiling Login & Registration

uFiling is a secure Online system introduced to Employers to register, declare and pay UIF contributions. Employees can also use the system to apply for benefits such as unemployment, maternity and illness.


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How long does it take for maternity UIF to be approved?

It takes between 3-6 weeks from the date the application was submitted for the application to be approved and for the first payment to be made. Note that payment is only made for each day that proof can be provided that you are on maternity leave.



How do I claim for maternity UIF?

Workers on maternity leave must apply for benefits at their nearest labour centre in person or organise for someone to go in their place. They must take the necessary documents with them. Workers on maternity leave have the right to claim from the UIF. Medical certificate from a doctor or birth certificate of the baby.


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What documents do I need to claim UIF maternity?


  • a copy of 13-digit bar-coded identity document.
  • Copies of your last 6 payslips.
  • information supplied by your employer (UI19)
  • a service certificate from the employer.
  • proof of your banking details.
  • a statement of amount received from employer during maternity leave.






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