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Central University of Technology CUT Admission Points (AP)

Central University of Technology CUT Admission Points (AP)

Qualify to Study at CUT on the Scoring Scale/Admission Point Scale (APS).

In light of the new National Senior Certificate (NSC) that was introduced in 2008, two sets of criteria are used for admission to CUT.  Candidates who earned the Senior Certificate in 2007 or before will still be evaluated and selected for admission on the basis of the old scoring scale, while candidates who earned the NSC in 2008 and thereafter will be evaluated on the basis of the new scoring scale.

Candidates who completed the NSC in 2008 and thereafter

CUT awards academic weights for achievement according to the following scoring scale:

  • For candidates who completed the NSC in 2008 and thereafter, CUT awards academic weights for achievement according to the following scoring scale:
Percentage achieved in NSC subject








Points rating for % value








Please Note

  • A candidate scoring 21 points or less on CUT’s scoring scale will not be admitted.
  • A candidate scoring 22 – 26 points on CUT’s scoring scale must undergo a selection test.
  • A candidate must obtain an achievement level of at least 4(50 – 59%) in Life Orientation in the NSC. Even if a higher mark is achieved in Life Orientation, the value will still only be awarded as 1 on the CUT scoring scale.

A candidate who scores fewer than 22 points on the CUT scoring scale in the July or subsequent NSC examination is considered to be a candidate who does not possess the necessary skills to successfully pursue a course of study at CUT under the prevailing circumstances. Such a candidate will not be admitted to CUT.

  • A candidate is expected to possess a minimum level of proficiency in English, as this is the LoLT at CUT.  A mark of 50% for English as Home Language (vernacular) or First Additional Language is therefore considered to be sufficient, although any sufficient proof of proficiency in the English language will also be taken into consideration.  In this regard, see section above and the general language policy of CUT.
  • A candidate may be expected to attend an interview, undergo a selection test, and/or make a written presentation to the relevant Head of Department.  Candidates who have not recently been engaged in study and who apply for admission to postgraduate studies are normally invited for such an interview or are requested to undergo a selection test and/or make a written presentation.  No offer of admission to CUT will be made during such an interview or selection opportunity. Any offer of admission to CUT will be in writing, and will be mailed to the candidate.
  • Applications of foreign candidates are considered in accordance with the same regulations as those applicable to other candidates, provided that the foreign qualifications of such candidates are considered equivalent by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Foreign candidates must complete and submit an application form for international students, and must also meet any and all requirements that may be set for higher education studies in South Africa.

Candidates who matriculated in 2007 or before

CUT awards academic weights for achievement according to the following scoring scale:

  • A candidate for a university of technology degree, diploma or certificate must be in possession of at least a Grade 12 Certificate or equivalent qualification approved by Senate.
  • A candidate for a CUT degree, excluding the Baccalaureus Technologiae degree and higher qualifications, must be in possession of a Matriculation Exemption Certificate or Conditional Exemption Certificate.
  • Prospective/aspirant students already in possession of a Grade 12 Certificate or equivalent may apply for admission to a degree, diploma or certificate.  In this case, the application is assessed using the assessment criteria published on the applicant’s Grade 12 Certificate or equivalent results.
  • In the cases specified in section, the general minimum score qualifying the candidate for acceptance as a student is as published for that year.  The admission criteria applicable to each programme of study are as specified in the CUT Calendar.
  • Only a person holding a Grade 12 Certificate or equivalent may be admitted as a student for a post-secondary qualification.  However, CUT may exempt a person from this criterion on the basis of the outcome of an individual recognition of prior learning (RPL) assessment.  Applications for such an RPL assessment may be submitted to the Assessment and Graduation Unit.
  • If a candidate meets the minimum subject requirements for a degree, diploma or certificate, but scores fewer than the minimum points on the CUT scoring scale for the July Grade 12 examination or a subsequent examination, CUT will consider the following aspects:
  • There must be a place available for the candidate in the particular learning programme.
  • The candidate may be subject to selection in the case of a learning programme where this is a requirement (see the chapter pertaining to the relevant faculty in the CUT Calendar).
  • If an applicant fails to qualify for admission to CUT in terms of these regulations, he/she may be subject to the testing of potential in terms of section above.
  • Candidates must meet the necessary subject requirements for the various learning programmes.

The following measuring instruments are used to test potential:

  • Assessment of prior experience of mature learners.
  • Results achieved in the General Scholastic Aptitude Test (GSAT), which determines the potential of a candidate, as well as the English Proficiency Test, which measures a candidate’s understanding of and proficiency in English.
  • Grade 12 results.
  • Any other measuring instrument as determined by Senate or Council.
  •  The results of the above-mentioned measuring instruments are used in accordance with the following guidelines:
  • The results are arranged in sequence of achievement.
  • The best candidates are accepted in accordance with the needs and vacancies in the specific learning programme.
  • A candidate who is not selected may be reconsidered at a subsequent selection opportunity, where the same procedures as those described above will be followed.
  • The candidate must deliver proof that he/she is able to express himself/herself in English, both verbally and in writing, so that he/she can benefit fully from the learning programme of his/her choice, provided that some departments set higher requirements with regard to language proficiency. A candidate will be offered a place in a postgraduate programme on condition that he/she possesses a minimum level of proficiency in English.
  • For candidates who matriculated in 2007 or before, CUT awards academic weights for achievement according to the following scoring scale:

How to calculate Admission Points

Symbol obtained in subject in

Grade 12

Grade of subject in Grade 12

Higher Grade (HG)

Standard Grade (SG)

A 8 6
B 7 5
C 6 4
D 5 3
E 4 2
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