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Chartered Accountant Salary in South Africa

Chartered Accountant Salary in South Africa

In 2024, the average salary for a Chartered Accountant in South Africa is R490,816 per year. Salaries range from R98,000 at the low end to R930,000 at the high end, with median earnings sitting around R491,000. Total compensation, including base salary, bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions, can vary from R120,000 to R997,000 annually, based on data from 574 salary profiles.

Detailed Salary Breakdown:

Base Salary: R98k – R930k

Bonus: R10k – R147k

Profit Sharing: R2k – R164k

Commission: R6k – R250k

Experience Level Earnings:

Less than 1 year: R329,956

1-4 years: R468,746

5-9 years: Progressively higher

10-19 years: Further increase

20+ years: Often exceeding R1 million

Chartered Accountants are crucial in managing and auditing financial reports, helping businesses understand their financial activities and compliance needs. Their responsibilities extend across global regions including Great Britain, Canada, India, Asia, and Australia, paralleling the role of certified accountants in the United States.

Key skills influencing salary levels include:

  • Financial Reporting: R514,320
  • Auditing: R475,682
  • Financial Analysis: R558,800
  • Accounting: R506,537
  • Account Management: R477,085

Professionals can enhance their income through various means such as gaining additional certifications, assuming managerial roles, or shifting to higher-paying firms.

Popular Employers:

Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, EY (Ernst & Young), and KPMG are notable employers, with salaries varying widely based on the role and company size.

Chartered Accountants can progress to roles like Financial Manager, CFO, Finance Manager, or Financial Director, making this a dynamic career path with significant growth potential.

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