Durban Cricket Academy South Africa

Durban Cricket Academy South Africa

We cater for cricketers of all abilities, from beginners to professionals through our various coaching programs. We provides cricket coaching and facilities to the wider Durban community giving equal opportunities to all who want to play regardless of age, race, sex, religion or ability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring out hidden talents and be the cornerstone in the rise of a star. We not only exist to offer talented cricketers the opportunity to improve their skills and play top quality cricket, but we provide all aspiring cricketers, whatever their background or ability, the chance to fulfill their true potential. We shall aim to provide the very best facilities, personnel and resources for players and support staff as is affordable. Our Principal Aim is to make use of Cricket to strengthen friendship and to bridge the gap between cultures and communities. And provide exposure to young cricketers which they will cherish and develop their cricketing skills.

Our Vision

It was Sir Donald Bradman who suggested that as it is the responsibility of all those that play the game (the custodians) to leave the game in a better state than when they first became involved. Therefore our vision is to develop and promote the ideals of responsibility, hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork and fellowship within a safe and positive environment. The individual growth of our custodians is enhanced through the spirit of competition, discipline and fair play. These goals will be accomplished by providing structured programs designed to maintain the highest standards of the game and guarantees a fun, positive experience for everyone involved. The focus is on producing custodians who develop their recognised potential and to equip them with the necessary technical, mental and physical skills to perform at a higher level.
We will achieve this by:

  • Ensuring that all members have the opportunity to play in competitive and friendly matches, thus learning the art of sportsmanship, as well as testing their skills against their peers from other clubs.
  • Teaching our members about the spirit in which cricket is played as well as the techniques of the game.
  • Providing high quality practice facilities upon which members new to the game can learn the techniques and experienced members can hone their skills.
  • Delivering high quality coaching on a consistent basis to all academy members, regardless of ability.
  • Ensuring that all ability groups have a coaching plan and, as ability develops, members have the opportunity to test their ability in higher groups.
  • Ensuring that all potential members are encouraged to join, by us removing all the barriers that we can to encourage maximum participation and ensuring that existing members welcome new members fully into the Academy.
  • Providing a safe and secure environment in which members can both play and learn cricket and have fun, whilst mixing in a new and diverse environment.

Cricket is more than just a game. We believe that the phrase as its not cricket empowers those of us who teach the game to stress the values of fairness, competition, inclusiveness, good sportsmanship and lifelong friendship that the game can bring. We want our members to take pride in winning, but also to recognise and applaud the victors when they have been beaten. We want our members to celebrate each others successes but also be supportive when others fail. In this way, we will teach our members not only cricket, but also skills that will serve them well throughout their life. This is why Cricket is more than just a game.

When we have achieved this on an ongoing basis we will have achieved the mission of Durban Cricket.

South Africa Cricket Academy

South Africa Cricket Academy a new Sports Development Trust which has been formed with the aim of increasing funding for central and township Sports facilities. Our experience cricket coaches have take time at the townships and we endeavor to take community development to previously disadvantage communities and help establish more poverty alleviation programs, by allowing individuals and companies to donate directly to a specific sports project. The sports projects will then be showcased on the Durban Sports website; this will be cost-effective way of providing capital for professional & grassroots sports facilities which will be available to all central/Township sports clubs throughout South Africa.

We believes that the Trust should be considered for any future sports projects as we aim to develop awareness education and establishing partnerships amongst; communities, Government, Schools, Businesses to bring sustainability to ongoing youth development projects and partnership campaigns, this will assist in the sustainable community and economic development for South Africa’s development of sports. This is done by enabling participation in a number of sporting disciplines through the provision of building facilities, thus helping to create a sporting tradition for our democratic society. Introducing our initiative is not only about increasing productivity and income. It is about enabling people to have a broad sense of well-being and opportunities to express and make choices about their lives. Sports can be a way out of poverty, being poor is being vulnerable to crime and violence, to the lack of justice and access to services. Being poor means inability to negotiate, bargain, and get paid. Poverty, in a nutshell, is a kind of decline in social status. So that`s why social solidarity and cultural identity are so relevant to sports and social development. Unless we take sports development seriously, the fight against the many faces of poverty will remain elusive therefore we will strive to increase access and opportunities for all disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

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