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How Much Do Economists Earn in South Africa?

How Much Do Economists Earn in South Africa?

How Much Do Economists Earn in South africa
How Much Do Economists Earn in South africa
R312,879 is the typical annual wage for economists.
Based on 39 salaries, the average total remuneration for an entry-level economist with less than one year of experience is R250,906 (tips, bonus, and overtime pay included). Based on 101 salaries, an early career economist with 1-4 years of experience gets an average total salary of R309,145. Based on 40 salaries, a mid-career economist with 5 to 9 years of experience makes an average total salary of R410,000. Based on 14 salaries, an experienced economist with 10 to 19 years of experience gets an average total remuneration of R573,913. Employees who are in their late careers (20 years or more) make an average total income of R900,000.

The Work of Economists

On various economic topics, economists provide advice to corporations and/or governmental bodies. Tax rates, health statistics, energy figures, transportation, global trade, and development are just a few of the many topics that can be covered.
Economists have access to a variety of computer applications that they can use to collect and present data. Most economists are well-versed in the various information-gathering sample or survey methodologies. It is typically the responsibility of economists to provide information to businesses and enterprises regarding the appraisal of both historical and current economic data. It is customary for economists to present their conclusions orally and visually to sizable audiences.

How Can Someone Become An Economist?

To become an economist, you typically require a bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, or a closely related discipline. A graduate degree may be required if an economist wants to advance in their profession and work in academia. The two most important qualities for an economist to have are computer proficiency and analytical thinking. A background rich in research would also be helpful because an economist is always need to be aware of the most recent trends. In the field of economics, writing and mathematical skills are frequently regarded as prerequisites.

Is economics a lucrative career in South Africa?

The answer is undoubtedly yes! There are several job options and many distinct pathways you can take with the abilities you obtain in an economics school. Graduates in economics will possess a number of distinctive and in-demand skills, and employment prospects are typically favourable.
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Where in South Africa may I pursue economics studies?

The University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, offers a degree programme in economics that gives students specialised training in the subject. Most universities also offer programmes in economics.

What is the economists’ highest pay?

ZAR 641k per year is the economist’s highest annual salary.

What is the economists’ lowest pay?

ZAR 141k per year is the economist’s lowest salary.
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