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How Much Do Logistics Earn Per Month in South Africa?

Although the logistics industry can be highly competitive, it also offers some of the best salaries among South African industries. The average salary for a logistics clerk in South Africa is around R11000 per month, but this varies depending on factors like your level of experience and where you work.

For example, an entry-level Logistics Clerk with less than three years of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of R102,000 based on 1,257 salaries. An experienced Logistics Clerk with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of R186,000 based on 356 salaries.

The most common job titles for Logistics Clerks are Logistics Clerk and Cargo Agent. The highest paying industry for this occupation is the following industries: Banking and Insurance (13%), Professional Scientific & Technical Services (12%) and Management & Consulting Services (11%).

Factors that affect salary in South Africa

  • Salary is dependent on geographical location.
  • Salary is dependent on education level.
  • Salary is dependent on years of experience.
  • Salary is dependent on the industry sector (e.g., logistics, mining and agriculture).
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The salary ranges for logistics clerks in South Africa are based on the available salary data from the following employers and their respective industries. The following table lists average salaries by experience level, region, and industry:

Entry level 6,030 ZAR

The lowest salary range is around R6,030 per month.

This is the most common pay scale in logistics. It’s also the most common job title in logistics: logistics clerk, warehouse clerk, stock clerk and order clerk.

mid-career 8,130 ZAR

If you are in the mid-career range, your salary will be between 6,030 ZAR and 11,600 ZAR per month. To figure out where in this range your salary falls, take your years of experience into account. Experience level is measured on a scale from 1 to 10: 1 = 0–3 years; 2 = 3–5 years; 3 = 5–7 years; 4 = 7–9 years; 5 = 9–11 years; 6 = 11–13 years; 7 = 13–15 years; 8= 15-17years and 9/10 representing 17+years respectively.

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Experienced 11,600 ZAR

Experienced logistics clerks with many years in the industry earn around R11600 per month. This is a good salary for someone who has worked in the industry for many years.

Late career 17,700 ZAR

As a logistics clerk, you can expect to earn an annual salary of between R6010 and R17700. The average salary for this role is R11200.

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