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How Much is a Catalytic Converter in South Africa?

The Cost of  a Catalytic converter in South Africa


The catalytic converter helps to reduce airborne pollutants that could harm people as well as the environment, turning 90% of harmful emissions into less harmful gasses. A well-maintained catalytic converter improves the efficiency of your car, directly affecting its overall health and performance.


What is a catalytic converter worth in South Africa?

Depends if it’s a metallic or ceramic catalytic converter, the price range is from R50 to R5000 per kilogram.


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Where can I sell my catalyst in South Africa?

One of the best places you can sell your catalyst converter in South Africa,  is Liatros recycling. Liatros recycling is your trusted partner for recycling your catalytic converters and E-waste in South Africa. Top prices paid for your E-waste and catalytic converters.


Do South African cars have catalytic converters?

The catalytic converter (cat), compulsory on all new cars sold in South Africa since 1 January, is found on the exhaust pipe, fairly close to the exhaust manifold.


Where can I buy a Catalytic Converter in South Africa?

The following are places you can buy catalytic converter in South Africa:

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  • Gum Tree

  • Value Forest


AST Recycling


Is it legal to remove catalytic converters South Africa?

No. This causes  environmental hazards and many more. In the pursuit of performance, owners many times have changed exhaust systems entirely or have resorted to removing the catalytic converter. However, the CAT is there to reduce toxic emissions which produce CO2 gasses. While this does improve performance, it is technically illegal.


Why is a catalytic converter so expensive?

Basically, catalytic converters are mainly expensive because of the rare and precious metals they use in their construction. The global pandemic has also made mining precious metals and constructing the converters more expensive.

Is the catalytic converter worth replacing?

Yes. The catalytic converter usually lasts around 10 years or more, so that’s when you should replace it. A catalytic converter in your vehicle majorly converts bad emissions into harmless gas. You should also replace the converter if you run into other apparent problems such as clogging, or physical damages.

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