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How to Be a Fire Fighter in South Africa

How do I go about becoming a firefighter?

Every South African fire department has its own criteria, although the fundamental entry level requirements are:


Pass a physical examination

Must not be afraid of heights

Must not be afraid of heights

When you are called for an interview, find out what is expected of you, such as what the physical tests include.


Where should I submit my application?

Contact your local fire department or keep an eye on your local newspaper. For instance, City Press.


How much time does it take?

It usually takes three to four weeks for HR to get back to you once you’ve been interviewed.


Is there a hierarchy among firefighting personnel?

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Yes. You begin as a fireman after four months of training. After that, you’ll be promoted to Platoon Commander, Station Commander, Divisional Chief, Deputy Chief, and finally Chief after studying and passing examinations. (Ranks may differ from one fire department to the next.)


What qualities are required to become a firefighter?

First and first, you must be enthusiastic about wanting to serve people, and your compensation should be a secondary factor.

If you are doing this for the money, you are misguided since a firefighter’s mission is to serve humanity.

Because you will be entering homes and businesses to do your duties, you must be honest and trustworthy.

You should be a problem solver who does not panic in tough situations.

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You must take the work seriously since your life and the lives of others are at stake.

You must be disciplined and able to follow orders from your superior officer.

Be optimistic and have a good outlook on life.

Be modest and endeavor to assist those in need.

Because the job is physically demanding, you must be physically healthy.


Who should rather not consider becoming a firefighter?

As firemen would say, we do it for the love of the work, not for the money.

Stay away if you believe it’s glamorous and you’re simply interested in the money.

I guarantee you that what you go through on a daily basis will have an impact on you and your family for years to come.

If you can’t stomach blood or horrifying scenarios, don’t even consider joining the fire service.

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