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How to Call Back a Private Number in South Africa

For landlines, dial *69 to automatically call back the last number that phoned you. On the other hand, on mobile phones, dial #69 to return a call from a recent private number.


Can you call a private number back?

You can only call a private number if you answer the phone before someone else does. You will not be allowed to call back a private number if you are called between the time you get a call from it and the time you use the return code.


How can you tell who is calling from a private number?

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Unblock Private Numbers Using a Service

TrapCall is a tool that reveals the identities of private and banned callers. It can supply the phone number as well as the name under which the phone is registered. It may also disclose the caller’s address and has a blocklist feature to prevent future calls.


How do you recognise an unfamiliar caller?

Unknown Callers Can Be Identified Using Call Return and Call Trace

To utilise this service, which is supported by many landlines, VoIP services, and mobile phones, dial *69. This retrieves the most recent call, enabling you to chat with the caller and access the phone number if it was previously concealed.

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Can I track down numbers that are unknown, banned, or private?

Private numbers, blocked numbers, and limited numbers are frequently traceable. Unknown, unavailable, or out-of-area calls, on the other hand, are not traceable because they lack the necessary data for a successful trace.


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