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Title: HWSETA Funded Undergraduate Bursaries: Investing in Health, Social Development, and Veterinary Sciences

Introduction: The Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) is a skills development authority in South Africa that focuses on the health, social development, and veterinary sectors. HWSETA aims to create an integrated approach to developing and providing skilled workers in these fields, ensuring the delivery of high-quality services. In line with this mission, HWSETA is offering the HWSETA Funded Undergraduate Bursaries Competition for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Fields Covered: The HWSETA bursary competition invites students to apply for undergraduate degrees in the following fields:

  1. Health Science
  2. Social Science/Social Development
  3. Veterinary Science
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Eligibility Criteria: To be considered for the HWSETA bursary, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. South African citizenship and residency
  2. Valid South African ID Card or ID Book
  3. Currently in Matric or have completed Matric
  4. Intending to study or already studying one of the listed undergraduate degrees in 2023
  5. Studying or intending to study at a recognized and accredited South African tertiary institution
  6. Mathematics and Science as subjects in Matric (for current Matric students)
  7. Matric exemption with Mathematics and Science as subjects (for completed Matric)
  8. Minimum overall average of 75% in the previous year of study
  9. Meet the entry requirements set by HWSETA and the tertiary institution
  10. Not a staff member of HWSETA or a related agency/promotional partner of HWSETA
  11. Not in receipt of any other bursary funding
  12. Read and agree to the HWSETA Bursary T&C’s

Application Process: Applicants should follow these steps to apply for the HWSETA bursary:

  1. Complete the online application and pre-qualification process on the HWSETA Bursary Competition 2023 portal.
  2. Create a 30 to 60-second video explaining why you should win the bursary. The video should be posted on personal social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and tagged with @hwseta_sa. Use the hashtags #HWCareers and #HWCareerBursaries. Videos can also be posted directly to HWSETA’s social media accounts.
  3. Keep a copy of the confirmation email received from as proof of registration.
  4. Applicants should apply only once and indicate “” as the source of information about the HWSETA bursary.
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Selection Process:

The HWSETA panel will select 5 to 10 finalists, and from those, 2 preliminary finalists will proceed to the vetting process. The winners will be contacted via email and telephone and requested to submit supporting documents, including certified copies of their ID, Matric certificate or results, tertiary academic record (if applicable), and proof of application/registration at a university. Successful candidates will be invited for an interview, followed by the signing of a bursary contract. The announcement of the winners will be made on HWSETA’s social media platforms and through press releases.

Closing Date and Contact Information:

The closing date for the HWSETA bursary is 30 November at 23:59. It is essential to submit applications before the closing date to be considered.

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For any inquiries regarding the bursary program, applicants can contact HWSETA directly or the digital marketing team, Active Brand Communications, using the provided contact details.


The HWSETA Funded Undergraduate Bursaries Competition aims to support students pursuing degrees in health science, social science/social development, and veterinary science. Eligible applicants are encouraged to carefully review the eligibility criteria and follow the application process. For further assistance or information, applicants should contact HWSETA directly.

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