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IMD MBA Scholarships

We aim to encourage high achievers from around the globe who don’t necessarily have the financial means to apply, but do have the potential, drive and passion that we are looking for. If you have the desire and ability to join this select group, we want to help you.  

IMD is committed to fostering the growth in diversity through our merit and need-based MBA scholarships, which are awarded to candidates who have applied for and accepted an offer to join the IMD MBA program.

*2022 MBA class

59% of students received a scholarship from IMD.*

75% of our women students were awarded a scholarship.*

61% of scholarships awarded were merit-based.*

Financial needs scholarships

Your future potential is important to us and we are committed to recognising your accomplishments and encouraging applicants who will bring valuable contributions to the overall class. As we cannot award merit scholarships to everyone, if you will need our financial assistance, please be sure to apply for one of our Financial Need Scholarships at the same time as your admissions application and contact one of our loan providers (see our External Funding link for more information). 

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Financial Need Scholarships – up to CHF 30K

  • Deadline to apply: same as admissions application
  • Your scholarship application form can be found directly on your admissions application
  • Criteria : Proven financial need, good academic results, strong reference letter, and steady career progression
  • See the Financial Planning section of your Admissions application to apply for a financial need scholarship
  • Recipients confirmed on an ongoing basis

IMD MBA sponsored scholarships

The below scholarships require supporting documents. If you are applying for more than one scholarship, you only need to send the IMD MBA Financial Aid Form once. (You will need to submit your admissions application before you can complete this form).

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The Hilti Scholars Program – Up to CHF 50KOpen

CO-RO scholarship for Danish nationals- CHF 97.5KOpen 

The Staton Scholarship – CHF 50KOpen 

The BackPack-Excellence Scholarship for Women – Full scholarship & living expenses

The Jebsen Family Global South MBA & EMBA Scholars Program – Up to CHF 50KOpen 

The Nestlé Scholarship for Women – CHF 25KOpen 

IMD MBA scholarships for best all-round applicants

These scholarships are awarded to the best all-round applicants who meet the additional criteria. No scholarship application is necessary, however recipients are typically those with a high GMAT/GRE score, who clearly demonstrate qualities such as career progress, an international outlook, an open mind and strong interpersonal skills throughout their application and assessment day. Recipients are confirmed at the time of the admissions offer.

Young Leaders Scholarshipsup to CHF 50KDemonstrate exceptional leadership potential and be aged 24-27 years old
Swiss Resident ScholarshipCHF 25 – 50KBe currently living in Switzerland with a valid work permit or Swiss passport
Forté Women ScholarshipsCHF 20KWomen applicants who apply for the 15 April and 15 June for the admissions deadline
Leadership ScholarshipsCHF 30KDemonstrate exceptional leadership experience or potential
Entrepreneur Scholarshipup to CHF 30KDemonstrate strong entrepreneurial experience
Sustainability Scholarshipup to CHF 30KDemonstrate exceptional sustainability impact
Healthcare Scholarshipup to CHF 30KDemonstrate strong work experience in the healthcare industry
Military Scholarshipup to CHF 30KHave a professional military background with strong achievements
Sports Scholarshipup to CHF 30KDemonstrate a strong professional sports background
Tech Scholarshipup to CHF 30KDemonstrate strong work experience in the tech industry
German Engineer Scholarshipup to CHF 30KBe a citizen of Germany and demonstrate a strong engineering background
Africa Scholarshipsup to CHF 30KBe a citizen of this region
Asia Scholarshipsup to CHF 30KBe a citizen of this region
Europe Scholarshipsup to CHF 30KBe a citizen of this region
Latin America Scholarshipsup to CHF 30KBe a citizen of this region
Middle East Scholarshipsup to CHF 30KBe a citizen of this region
North America Scholarshipsup to CHF 30KBe a citizen of this region
Oceania Scholarshipsup to CHF 30KBe a citizen of this region

Create our Future scholarships

The winner of each of our Assessment Challenges will be awarded a scholarship. With the exception of the CO-RO Challenge, please note that applicants from these challenges are not eligible for our regular Admissions Process in the same year.

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We are looking for applicants who demonstrate leadership and potential, have solid previous experience and achievements, and have the drive and capacity to think out of the box and make a positive impact in the world.

Visit our Admissions Process page for details about our Assessment Challenges.

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