Inscape Design College Bank Details

Inscape Design College Bank Details

Inscape Education Group;
Standard Bank Acc: 001 66 44 17;
Branch code: 051001

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Inscape believes in offering value driven products to ensure the diverse growth of the creative sector and industry at large.

We have an established institutional culture that is unique to Inscape and its students. Our culture is built on a value system that encourages quality, authenticity and relationships. We strive for this to be reflective in all areas of our institution.

As an organisation, we promote inclusivity and access to higher learning. For every twenty students who enrol with us, we are able to offer partial or full scholarships to assist deserving candidates who otherwise would not have the opportunity to embark on their chosen careers.

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Providing an enabling learning environment: Our campus facilities are modern, design sensitive, secure premises that are centrally located and easily accessible. The provision of all required equipment, technology, study material and access to additional information ensures quality learning from day one.

Inscape students are provided with predetermined Academic information to guide and inform their learning every step of the way. Students are therefore able to manage their time effectively. These documents include:

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  • Syllabus documents (including content, programme delivery, assessment criteria and outcomes for each subject),
  • Course Outlines (document which outlines what each study session will entail on a weekly basis for the entire academic year. This includes assignments, deadlines and lecture content),
  • Information packs (details policies and procedures relevant to our students),
  • Interactive courseware with assignment briefs,
  • Timetable (your classes run according to a predetermined timetable that is updated every term).

All courseware is developed for the Inscape programmes specifically and our curriculum is reviewed and maintained annually to ensure relevant and unique content. We have high throughput and employment rates which attest to the quality of our courses and institutional approach.

Developing a positive learning experience:

Our approach to learning is embedded in our vision and mission: We strive to facilitate holistic learning to develop each individual to achieve their full potential in society. A Trans and multi-disciplinary attitude towards design, ensures that our graduates have an awareness of a variety of disciplines in the sector. They are able to easily integrate the knowledge and skills learnt across industries. Our industry relevant courses as well as industry based lecturers ensure that learning is up to date with the latest trends and technologies available.