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List Of Reinsurance Companies In South Africa 2024-2025

List Of Reinsurance Companies In South Africa 2024-2025

Reinsurance companies, also known as reinsurers, are companies that provide insurance to insurance companies. In other words, reinsurance companies are companies that receive insurance liabilities from insurance companies.

Reinsurance is a form of insurance purchased by insurance companies in order to mitigate risk. Essentially, reinsurance can limit the amount of loss an insurer can potentially suffer. In other words, it protects insurance companies from financial ruin, thereby protecting the companies’ customers from uncovered losses.

Below is the list Reinsurance Companies In South Africa

RGA Reinsurance Company of South Africa Ltd

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Munich Reinsurance Company of Africa Limited (MRoA)


Hannover Re

MATRIX Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers

NewBridge Reinsurance Brokers

Aon South Africa (Pty) Ltd


Jardine Lloyd Thompson South Africa

Willis SA (Pty) Ltd

Aon South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Swiss Re Life and Health Africa Limited

RGA Reinsurance

How do reinsurance companies work?

Insurance companies write policies covering their customers from potential losses. Insurers pay part of the premiums that they collect from their policyholders to a reinsurance company, and in exchange, the reinsurance company agrees to cover losses above certain high limits.

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What are the different types of reinsurance?

Primary companies are said to “cede” business to a reinsurer. Types of Reinsurance: Reinsurance can be divided into two basic categories: treaty and facultative. Treaties are agreements that cover broad groups of policies such as all of a primary insurer’s auto business.

What are the advantages of reinsurance?

The Costs and Benefits of Reinsurance. Purchasing reinsurance reduces insurers insolvency risk by stabilizing loss experience, increasing capacity, limiting liability on specific risks, and/or protecting against catastrophes. Consequently, reinsurance purchase should reduce capital costs.

Why do insurers use reinsurance?

Insurers purchase reinsurance for four reasons: To limit liability on a specific risk, to stabilize loss experience, to protect themselves and the insured against catastrophes, and to increase their capacity.

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