Midrand Graduate Institute Address

Midrand Graduate Institute Address

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Student Advisory Unit
T: +27(0)11 690 1700/1733
F: +27(0)11 690 1895
E: info@mgi.ac.za

International Students Office
T: +27 (0)11 690 1700/1705
F: +27(0)11 690 1895
E: international@mgi.ac.za

T: +27 (0)11690 1700/1861/9
F: +27(0)11 690 1895
E: postgrad@mgi.ac.za

Student Loans
T: +27 (0)11 690 1700/1862
F: +27(0) 86 583 8602
E: podocs@mgi.ac.za

You can SMS MGI by sending your name and cell number to 44311 and a Student Advisor will call you.

Midrand Graduate Institute

The Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI) is a South African Private Higher Education Institution based in Midrand, Gauteng Province. It offers Bachelor’s degrees in Commerce, Information Technology, Law, Social Sciences, Creative Arts, Communications and Science. MGI is part of CTI Education Group (CTI). MGI also offers 4 postgraduate qualifications – Bachelor of Arts Honours in Graphic Design,Bachelor of Science Honours In Information Technology,Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Business Management and Masters in Psychology.

Midrand Graduate Institute was first known as Midrand Campus, later known as Midrand University. Established in 1989, MGI soon attained acceptance as a private university-level, degree-conferring institution – one of the first of its kind in southern Africa. MGI formed a partnership with CTI Education Group in 2006, with the opportunity to offer MGI conferred degrees at various remote campuses nationwide. MGI currently offers qualifications at 11 campuses in South Africa. Pearson_Education acquired a 75% shareholding in MGI in 2011, which grew to 100% in 2013.

MGI is registered with the Department of Education (South Africa) as a Higher Education Institution (No.2001/HE07/008) in accordance with the Higher Education Act, and its bachelor’s degrees are accredited by the Council on Higher Education’s Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC).