Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Registration

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Registration


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Senior students: Your student account for previous years must be fully settled and your initial, upfront down payment must be paid before you can proceed with your registration.

All students: Please note that electronic transfers/direct bank deposits may take up to two business days to reflect in Nelson Mandela University’s bank account. Registration will be blocked until the payment reflects on the student account.

Sponsorships: the confirmation of sponsorship must be submitted to the Student Accounts section two working days before you register online. Proof of payment and sponsorship letters can be e-mailed to Student Accounts Guide can be accessed from


This amount will be credited towards your student fees account.

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Full-time students


Part-time students



Full-time students


Part-time students




INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS must complete pre-registration before proceeding with registration. Please report to the International Office to obtain financial and administrative clearance. If you are not in South Africa, please email proof of payment, proof of medical aid and study permit (this is only required if you renewed your study permit) to . You will then receive an email from the relevant admissions officer to proceed with registration. Please indicate Registration ( Year ) in the subject line.

Late registration programme

You can register from anywhere by logging on to the Student Portal or the Nelson Mandela University website. You can also report to any of the venues listed below to register online:

George Campus:

Mopani Building

North Campus:

Heinz Betz Hall (until 9 February)

Missionvale Campus:

Building 519, Room 0009

Second Avenue Campus:

Absa Lab

South Campus:

Any General Computer Lab

Steps to follow to register online

Follow this link: register online and login.

You can request a PIN if you don’t have one by following the instructions on the screen. The PIN will be sent to your Nelson Mandela University email address.

1.Select registration. This can be found at the top left of your screen.

2.Select declaration by applicant. Please read and acknowledge the content and then select I accept. You have to complete this process before you will be allowed to continue with your registration. This is only applicable if this is your first online registration.

3.Select next step.

4.Your qualification information will be displayed. Leave the answer to the prompt should we create a meal account for you as “no?. Enter your employment status by selecting a value from the list. Select save and continue.

5.The modules for this qualification will be displayed. Make your selection by selecting the text box on the left. Select save and continue once you have selected the modules for which you want to register. Note: you may only register for 120 credits or the annual total of your programme for any specific academic year. Select continue and view modules selected.


6.Select accept registration in order to finalise your registration. You can view your academic record or you can select next step and then select proof of registration to print or view your registration details .

Residence registration

Students who have been provisionally re-admitted, must in addition to the registration down payment, pay the residence down payment towards their accommodation fees.

Port Elizabeth Campus students: Please report to the Residence Admission and Placement office at the Sanlam Student Village for residence registration. For more information please forward an email to or contact us on 041-5041416 or 041-5043690. On-campus residence students can also register online for residence accommodation. You can do this from home or at the nearest facility where internet access is available or from a suitable mobile device.

George Campus students: Please report to the Residence Administrator’s office at the Kiepersol Building for residence registration. The contact number is 044-8015192.


Student cards

Senior students:

Your existing student card will be valid once you have registered for this year.

New students:

George Campus:

Mopani Hall

Missionvale Campus:

Protection Services, Main Administration Building 501, Room 0026

North Campus:

Heinz Betz Hall (until 9 February). K-Project building, Room 007 from 12 February

South Campus:

Heinz Betz hall at North Campus until 9 February. Xanadu main residence from12 February

Lecture timetables (if applicable)

Timetable details are published on the Nelson Mandela University website. Under academic and courses on offer, select module browser. Enter the module name or code. Scroll down and select view lecture timetable for this module. Once you are registered, you can also make use of the student portal to view your lecture timetable under the Timetable link. Please note that the South Campus personal timetable on the intranet will only be available/updated 24 hours after you have registered. Should you not be able to find the timetable details for your module/s, please forward an email to providing your student number as well as the qualification name.

George Campus: If you have any queries please send an email to

Parking Discs

Port Elizabeth Campuses: Senior students: Your previous year parking disc will be valid until 29 March of the current year. Please ensure that you collect your  vehicle disc BEFORE this date at our offices situated on North Campus (Security Office). New students (if applicable): Report to the Security Office at North Campus to get a parking disc.

George Campus: Protection Services.

The model (year) and make, colour and vehicle registration number must be provided if you apply for a parking disc for the first time. Fines will be issued to vehicles not displaying the 2019discs.

Prospectuses, diaries

The General Prospectus as well as all faculty prospectuses are available from the Nelson Mandela University website. Student diaries are available from the library. Please provide your proof of registration when collecting a diary.

Possible problems with online registration

If the system encounters any problems with your registration, it will display an error message and you must then select the notify institution and view errors button. This will notify us of your problem and we will forward it to the correct person for their attention. If the problem has been resolved, you may then select the try again button. You may also contact your Faculty Administrator or the Contact Centre on 041-5041111 if you experience any problems.

George Campus students can contact the Academic Coordinator on any of the following numbers:


044-8015048 or 044-8015155


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