Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Residences

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Residences

NMMU Accommodation

International Students have the choice of either staying on campus or off campus. The number of on campus residences is limited and preference is given to South African Students. It is thus advisable that you secure your accommodation arrangements before leaving your home country. The Off Campus Housing Office will assist you in obtaining accommodation, provided you have paid and applied within the given timeframes. If a student does not want the accommodation sourced by the Office, they will be referred to a hotel, guest house or backpacker’s at the student’s own cost. The Office for International Education offers a comprehensive support network and students and visitors can feel confident that they will be made welcome and looked after during their stay.


There is limited accommodation available whether on or off campus and it is allocated on a first- come first- serve basis. The following procedure is set for application:

  • Download and/or complete the posted accommodation application forms and return via fax or post to the Office for International Education. (Please note that the accommodation application form will only be forwarded with your acceptance letter)
  • Ensure immediate payment of your R2000.00 accommodation deposit as stated on the application form to avoid disappointment.
  • Applications should reach the Office no later than the second Friday in May (for second semester intake) and no later than the 19th November (for following year intake).
  • Deposits are to be settled within two weeks of application.
  • There will be no guarantee of placement for late applications.
  • All residence fees are payable in advance per semester

Should you wish to source your own accommodation, kindly notify the Office of your intended address prior to arrival (degree seeking students only). Please note that study abroad and exchange students are to stay in accredited accommodation only. Information on non-accredited accommodation may be forwarded to the Off Campus Housing Office for purposes of accreditation. This may take several months and is not guaranteed. Contact the study abroad office if you require more information on this.

CAMPUS RATES ( subject to change – contact NMMU for details )

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VERITAS, MELODI, XANADUSingle RoomR 16 600R 8 300
Double RoomR 15 200R 7 600
UNITASSingle Room (small)R 15 200R 7 750
Single Room (large)R 16 600R 8 300
OCEANA, LEBOMBO, LETABASingle RoomR 21 000R 10 500
Double RoomR 18 600R 9 300
INDWE, IKAMVAShared Unit (small)R 23 300R 11 650
Shared Unit (large)R 24 100R 12 050
Single (small)R 27 700R 13 850
Single (large)R 28 900R 14 450
STUDENT VILLAGEEx-Guest quartersR 20 800R 10 400
Student Village – 1 bedroomR 35 400R 17 700
Student Village – 2 bedroomR 32 400R 16 200
Student Village – 3 bedroomR 30 000R 15 000
PROTEA RESIDENCESSingle en-suite unitsR 34 600R 17 300
2- sharing units for disabledR 33 600R 16 800
2- sharing unitsR 31 500R 15 750
3- sharing unitsR 30 400R 15 200
4- sharing unitsR 28 300R 14 150
GEORGE – HOUSESSingle RoomR 22 800R 11 400
Double RoomR 20 200R 10 100
GEORGE – RESIDENCES – MOPANISingle RoomR 22 000R 11 000
Double RoomR 19 400R 9 700
GEORGE – RESIDENCES – ARBOREADouble RoomR 20 200R 10 100
GEORGE – PGSV – WINDHEUWELSingle RoomR 28 000R 14 000

ACCREDITED OFF CAMPUS RATES ( subject to change – contact NMMU for details )

Annies CoveSingleR35700.00R17850.00
North@SummSingleR45 000.00R22 500.00
SharingR33 750.00R16 875.00
Campus KeySingleR53 000.00R26 500.00


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