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Old Mutual Car Insurance | Quotes, Claim and Numbers

Old Mutual Car Insurance | Quotes, Claim and Numbers

Car Insurance in South Africa
Car Insurance in South Africa


You are on, in this article, we bring to you everything to know about Old Mutual Car Insurance. An insurance company is any firm that provides a means by which risk is managed. Put it this way, Old Mutual Car Insurance sells packages that offer protection against unexpected life circumstances in relation to damages, loss, theft or any bad situation.

About Old Mutual Car Insurance

Services of Old Mutual Car Insurance

Old Mutual’s Comprehensive Car Insurance option protects you against loss or damage in the event of either a road accident or natural disaster.

  • Cover against road accident damage or loss.
  • Cover against attempted or actual vehicle theft or hijacking.
  • Cover against damage to your vehicle as a result of fire, theft or natural disaster (e.g. storms, hail and floods).
  • Cover for third party claims against you, should you ever be legally liable for damage to another vehicle, injury to another person or damage to third party property.
  • Road Emergency Services.
  • Optional car hire cover.
  • Optional credit shortfall cover.

*Terms and Conditions apply.


With Old Mutual Car Insurance, you’re covered for more than just your vehicle. As an Old Mutual policyholder, your cover extends to yourself and your passengers, protecting you against any hazardous twist in the road.

  • Emergency medical expenses if you or any of your passengers become injured in an accident.
  • Trauma counselling in the event of a hijacking, armed robbery, attempted or violent theft.
  • Repair/ replacement costs of vehicle keys, locks and remotes if lost or damaged.
  • Emergency accommodation expenses for you and one passenger – up to two days, if you have been involved in an accident more than 250 kilometres from home.
  • 24/7/365 Road and Home Emergency Services cover.
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*Terms and Conditions apply.


Road Emergency Services are part and parcel of your Old Mutual Car Insurance Policy – protecting you against any unforeseen incident while on the road. This benefits covers up to a total cost of R4 000, or two events per year, that including:

  • A flat tyre or battery
  • Keys locked inside your vehicle
  • Running out of fuel
  • Mechanical/electrical breakdown (excluding accidents)
  • Towing services to the nearest service provider or place of safekeeping
  • Sending urgent messages to your loved ones

The following benefits apply outside a radius of 100 kilometres away from your home, up to a cost of R400 per incident:

  • Vehicle storage
  • Repatriation of vehicle
  • Hotel accommodation, car rental or taxi


The following benefits can be added to your policy to make your cover go the extra mile.

  • Cash Back Bonus – receive 10% of your premiums back in cash after every three claim-free years.
  • Bundle and Save – With every additional vehicle you add to your Old Mutual Car Insurance policy, your premium per vehicle becomes substantially reduced. You can also opt to bundle your car and home insurance for even bigger savings.


Contacts of Old Mutual Car Insurance

The oldest insurance company in South Africa, Old Mutual Insure has a history that dates back more than 177 years. As one of the leading companies in southern Africa’s non-life insurance (also known as short-term insurance) landscape, we are justifiably proud of our tradition of service and quality, as well as our range of insurance solutions, which are amongst the best on offer anywhere in South Africa.

Partner with Old Mutual Insure today. Direct Customers can simply submit their details to request a quote or call us on 0860 22 55 63, or speak to your insurance broker.

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Brokers & Advisers can contact us on 0860 63 73 73 for all their Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, Agriculture and Claims enquiries.

Old Mutual Car Insurance Quote

An insurance quote or simply Quote is the amount of money a would-be policyholder pays to an insurance company for the service of insurance coverage. The amount charged or the premium to be paid depends on the location of the client, personal information, coverage, and other factors. The link below allows checking for your Car Insurance Quote with Dotsure. Below are some factor to consider

  1. Credit Rating
  2. Age
  3. A good security
  4. Driving Behaviour

Check Quote

Old Mutual Car Insurance Claim

An insurance claim is the amount of money to be paid out to a beneficiary in the event of an incident such as Car accident, damage, theft or lost property.

Start Claim Process

Which Company Gives Cheapest Car Insurance in South Africa?

Finding the cheapest car insurance in South Africa can be a difficult task for you, in light of the number of insurance companies in South Africa. Below we list some of the best car insurers in South Africa. It should be noted that offers change from time to time between these companies. Therefore, using an aggregator service such as can prove invaluable. Listed are the Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in South Africa

  1. Discovery Car Insurance
  2. Old Mutual Car Insurance
  3. Old Mutual Car Insurance
  4. Old Mutual Car Insurance
  5. Iwyze Car Insurance
  6. Santam Car Insurance
  7. Absa Car Insurance
  8. Old Mutual Car Insurance
  9. Old Mutual Car Insurance
  10. Budget Car Insurance

What is the Best Car Insurance in South Africa?

In South Africa, one of the best car insurers you can get is Discovery Insurance. It should be noted that it isn’t the cheapest car insurance. However, they provide a wide array of services at competitive market premiums.

Why Can’t I get Car Insurance in South Africa?

A car insurance application focuses on three main requirements, these are your driving history, location, and other personal information. To be denied an insurance application means the car insurance provider didn’t find satisfactory information on your driving history or previous policy. In the event that your former insurance policy provider cancels your policy, your new application with another firm may get rejected, depending on the reasons for policy cancellation. Circumstances such as bankruptcy can also hinder your application.

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How Much is Car Insurance Per Month in South Africa?

Generally speaking, a car insurance quote costs about R1,300 per month in South Africa. This however depends on the vehicle type or policy of choice and the car insurance provider of choice. The cheapest policy is the Third Party Policy and the often more expensive policy is the comprehensive car insurance policy. Always compare quotes before settling on a provider.

How to Cancel Car Insurance in South Africa?

The cancellation process is relatively straightforward and simple. Contact the insurance provider on their customer care lines or phone numbers. Provide all necessary details for verification to commence the cancellation process. There is often no need to visit the firm in person as everything can be done online.

What are the Types of Car Insurance Coverage?

Car insurance coverage generally comes in three types, these are Liability Coverage, Collision Coverage, and Comprehensive Coverage.

Liability coverage protects you in situations where you are liable for the damage caused to another person’s car or injury sustained as a result of an error on your part. This coverage pays towards the repair of the victim’s car and/or medical bills. The exact amount is determined in the policy.

Collision Coverage protects you when you damage your car, irrespective of who the cause is. So in the situation of an accident, the insurance provider pays for the repair of your car. The exact amount depends on the policy of choice.

Comprehensive Coverage is often the most versatile car insurance coverage, providing protection against theft, loss, damage and diverse occurrences.

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