Is Oval International Education Registered

Is Oval International Education Registered

Is Oval International Education Registered, Oval International stands out as the first contact Higher Education Institution, among the public universities and private higher education providers in South Africa, to be institutionally audited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) for quality management systems in 2004.

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All higher education qualifications offered by the Oval International are accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) after undergoing a rigorous process of institutional audits and programme audits.

Oval International has a rich and robust quality system that are regulated externally through the Department of Education (Registration), Council on Higher Education (Accreditation) and SAQA and internally through various quality committee, including the SRC, Staff Student Consultative Committees (SSCC), Staff Association, Manco, Exco and the independent International Advisory Board (IAB).

Oval International is a member of various organisations ensuring qualitative and holistic Lifestyle Learning experience. It is affiliated and associated with a number of prestigious national and international bodies.

Welcome to Oval International Higher Education, one of South Africa’s foremost and longest running private higher education Institutions. Established in 1989, Oval International has a 26 year heritage providing higher education qualifications in the fields of Science and Technology, Humanities, Commerce and Administration. We are driven to provide you with a quality educational experience. Achieving a qualification from our institution will empower you to contribute to building the economy of our country.

This year, we invite you to expand your mind and change your world through education. Immerse yourself and engage with our programmes which are offered through a blend of digital and traditional teaching and learning technologies. Participate in our culture of interconnected and interactive higher education.

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We look forward to our journey in education with you.

Our Vision is access, support, and success for our learners through an effective, efficient, and innovative education and training system which is of excellent quality. We envisage this education and training to be an enabler for our learners to be adept at the requisite skills, knowledge and competencies which will enhance the economics and social goals of the country


OUr Mission is to create well trained and skilled learners who are capable of standing their own in a knowledge powerful economy, which addresses the development aspirations of South Africa.

Our Values

the promotion of quality
the spirit of Ubuntu
mutual respect

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