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Rhodes University Faculty of Industrial Psychology Bursaries & Funding

Rhodes University Faculty of Industrial Psychology Bursaries & Funding

Bursaries and Funding

For more information on bursaries and funding, please see the following links:

Bursary Fund

The Department of Psychology has founded a Bursary Fund to enable us to attract capable students from disadvantaged backgrounds into our Postgraduate courses.

Over the years we have seen many promising students leave University after completing their undergraduate degrees because they could not afford to continue with further study. At other times we have had students whose progress was seriously undermined because of financial difficulties.

Although there are some general bursaries and our University has a Bursaries Office that directs students to what is available, there are still not enough opportunities for financial support for those with limited financial resources, especially in Psychology.

The Bursary fund will be used to contribute to the expenses of students from formerly disadvantaged backgrounds who have a good undergraduate record and show evidence of ability to benefit from postgraduate study. The more money we can raise, the more bursaries we can offer.

So we invite you, as former students of this Department, to contribute to this fund which will enable some students who might otherwise not have continued on to advanced study to enjoy the resources of this Department and University. We invite you to make a once off donation or, alternatively, to donate on a monthly basis (perhaps through a stop order) to the following account:

Rhodes University

First National Bank

Grahamstown branch (code: 210717)

Account no: 621 4550 3076

PLEASE QUOTE REF: 60303 (Psychology)

We thank you very much for any kind of assistance that you can offer.

Certain staff members within the Department may be able to offer bursaries from their own research funding from time to time. In such cases, these staff members will make the relevant information known to the students.

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