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MBA South Africa
Study MBA in South Africa

Technisa College Business Courses Offered

Technisa College Business Courses Offered

Technisa College Business studies NC (V) LEVEL 2-4

Technisa Courses in Finance, Economics And Accounting NC (V) Levels 2 – 4

Technisa College Courses in Management NC(V)Levels 2 – 4

Technisa College Courses in Marketing NC(V) Levels 2 – 4

Technisa College Courses in Office administration NC (V) Level 2-4

Our materials are meticulously crafted to empower learners to study autonomously. To enhance this self-guided learning experience, we provide a robust support system as outlined below:

Interactive Workshops We organize workshops to open lines of communication where learners can articulate their challenges, and educators can convey information or address student concerns directly. For example, the Certificate in Orientation includes two four-hour workshops for each subject, while Travel and Tourism students participate in one workshop per subject each term. In the domain of Ore Dressing, learners engage with tutors for 30% of their course time, which equates to approximately two hours weekly of facilitated discussions, collaborative activities, and practical workplace training.

Informative Study Letters Our study letters serve a dual purpose: they are timely reminders for upcoming assignments and examinations, and they are a conduit for disseminating new and relevant information to our learners.

Responsive Call Centre Learners facing difficulties can reach out to our dedicated call centre. Our trained staff not only resolve issues directly but also escalate them to the appropriate departments for further action, ensuring that every concern is addressed effectively.

Scheduled Consultation Times We offer personal consultation slots with lecturers, bookable by appointment. These sessions provide learners with the opportunity to delve into course-specific issues or to seek guidance on broader academic challenges.

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