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TUT Magister Technologiae MTech in Internal Auditing

TUT Magister Technologiae MTech in Internal Auditing

Campus where offered: Ga-Rankuwa Campus
Important notification to new applicants:
Before submitting an application for admission, applicants are advised to consult the University’s
website for possible new qualifications which are aligned with the newly-implemented Higher
Education Qualification Sub-Framework.

a. Admission requirement(s):
A Baccalaureus Technologiae: Internal Auditing or an equivalent qualification, with 60% for
Internal Auditing IV. Candidates should preferably have passed Research Methodology before
registration, and if not, should definitely pass that subject before their dissertations will be

b. Selection criteria:
A structured interview with the supervisor.

c. Duration:
A minimum of one year and a maximum of three years.

d. Presentation:

e. Intake for the qualification:
January and July.

f. Rules on postgraduate studies:
See Chapter 8 of the Students’ Rules and Regulations for more information.

g. Subject credits:
Subject credits are shown in brackets after each subject.


CODE                                                          SUBJECT                                       CREDIT
IAU500T                                      Dissertation: Internal Auditing                         (1,000)
IAU500R                                      Dissertation: Internal Auditing                         (0,000)
TOTAL CREDITS FOR THE QUALIFICATION:                                       1,000

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