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MBA South Africa
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TUT Masters Degree in Strategic Communication

TUT Masters Degree in Strategic Communication

Qualification code: MDSC18 – NQF Level 9 (180 credits)
SAQA ID: 96892, CHE NUMBER: H16/10794/HEQSF
Campus where offered: Soshanguve North Campus

a. Admission requirement(s):
A Postgraduate Diploma in Integrated Communication, or an honours degree, or a
Baccalaureus Technologiae, or an equivalent qualification at NQF Level 8 in a related
discipline obtained from an accredited South African University with an average of 60%.
Candidates with a Baccalaureus Technologiae will be required to complete a bridging module:
Research Methodology in Integrated Communication. Registration for the Master’s degree
and the bridging module may be undertaken concurrently. Candidates with other qualifications
who have not previously completed a module on Research Methodology (at NQF Level 8),
will also be required to register for the bridging module.

Holders of any other equivalent South African or international qualifications may also be
considered, but will have to apply about six months in advance for the recognition of such
qualifications. Candidates will be required to submit an evaluation of their qualifications by
the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) with their application forms for admission.

The Faculty reserves the right to assess these qualifications and the applicant’s suitability/
competence for admission to the programme. Proof of English proficiency may be required.
Depending on the nature of such an equivalent qualification, the completion of certain additional
subjects may be required.

b. Selection criteria:
Admission will be subject to approval of a research topic by the Departmental Research
Committee (DRC). Candidates are required to submit a research proposal and other supporting
documentation to the Department.

c. Duration:
A minimum of one year and a maximum of three years.

d. Presentation:

e. Intake for the qualification:
January and July.

f. Rules on postgraduate studies:
See Chapter 8 of the Students’ Rules and Regulations for more information.

g. Module credits:
Module credits are shown in brackets after each module.

CODE                                                             MODULE                                   NQF-L                                       CREDIT
SAG109M                                              Dissertation: Strategic                                (9)                                                   (180)
SAG109R                                               Dissertation: Strategic                                (9)                                                      (0)
Communication (re-registration)
SAG119R                                                Dissertation: Strategic                                (9)                                                      (0)
Communication (re-registration)
(semester option)
TOTAL CREDITS FOR THE QUALIFICATION:                                                                                             180

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