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UNISA Admissions for Students with Disabilities

UNISA Admissions for Students with Disabilities

Unisa provides equal opportunities for all students. The following questions and answers will give you a better idea of what to expect as a student with a disability.

I have a disability. Can I still study through Unisa?

Yes. Unisa is committed to helping all students achieve their ambitions. We provide assistance throughout the administrative and study processes.

I have a visual impairment. How can I access the study material?

Unisa produces study material in alternative formats, including Braille, large print, audio and electronic. We also request electronic copies of prescribed books from national and international publishers on behalf of our students with disabilities.

If I have a hearing impairment, can I still attend discussions and tutorials?

Yes. Unisa provides sign language interpretation services in certain of its contact groups.

Will Unisa’s lecturers and admin staff understand me and my disability?

Yes. Unisa regularly provides disability training and awareness programmes to its members of staff.

Is there help on offer when it comes to assignments and exams?

Yes. If you need to work in different formats, such as Braille or audio, we can transcribe your examination scripts and assignments.

  • Tel: +27 12 429 6923 / 6924 / 6540 / 3829 / 8668 / 6050 / 2607 or +27 12 441 5470 / 5471
  • Fax: +27 12 429 8637 or +27 12 429 6729
  • Fax to e-mail: +27 12 429 8138
  • E-mail: or
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Advocacy and resource centre for students with disabilities (ARCSWiD)

Location of ARCSWiD

ARCSWiD is situated within the Learner Support & Student Affairs portfolio and is one of the three directorates under the Dean of Students with Student Development and Student Funding being the others.

Vision of ARCSWiD

The vision of ARCSWiD is to be the leading provider of quality services for students with disabilities registered with UNISA.

Mission of ARCSWiD

In line with UNISA’s Strategy, the mission of ARCSWiD is to create an enabling teaching and learning environment that will lead to the full participation and equalisation of opportunities for students with disabilities.

Focus Areas

We currently have two focus areas and these are:

Student Support and Administration

  • Registering Students with disabilities
  • Producing study material in alternative formats
  • Providing academic support interventions
  • Transcribing assignments and exam scripts
  • Providing sign language interpretation services

Advocacy and Training

  • Implementing facilitation of learning training programmes
  • Commissioning/Conducting research
  • Implementing Community Outreach programmes

What services can students with disabilities receive from ARCSWiD?

  1. Referrals to career and counseling services
  2. Assistance in completing application forms during registration
  3. Assistance with fee reduction applications
  4. Assistance in motivating for assistive devices and access technology equipment
  5. Study guides and tutorial letters in either Braille, large-print, electronic or audio formats
  6. Electronic versions of prescribed books obtained on request from publishers
  7. Interventions with academic departments
  8. Advice on assistive devices and access technology
  9. Sign Language Interpretation services for deaf students
  10. Orientation and Mobility assistance for blind and partially-sighted students
  11. Advice on low-vision devices for partially-sighted students
  12. Referrals to relevant service providers and civil society organizations
  13. Referrals to the Library Disability Workgroup for recommended textbooks in electronic format
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We Care, We Develop, We Support!

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