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UNISA Bankseta Bursary

Title: UNISA BANKSETA Bursary: Empowering Financial Accounting Students

Introduction: The University of South Africa (UNISA) and the Banking Sector Education and Training Authority (BankSETA) have partnered to offer the BANKSETA Lesedi Bursary Scheme for the academic year. UNISA, South Africa’s largest university system, provides comprehensive vocational and academic programs with international accreditation. BankSETA, a statutory body established to promote skills development in the banking sector, supports the transformation and growth of the industry.

Fields Covered and Expenses: The UNISA BANKSETA Bursary Scheme is available for students pursuing BCom Financial Accounting Sciences (98302) at UNISA’s College of Accounting Sciences. The bursary covers various expenses to ensure the comprehensive support of students, including:

  1. Full tuition fees
  2. Laptop allowance (up to R7,000)
  3. Monthly stipend/allowance of R1,500
  4. Monthly data allowance of R500
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It is important to note that any outstanding fees from previous studies will not be covered by the bursary. Bursary recipients will attend virtual classes via Microsoft Teams, and the College and Bursary Scheme will provide the class calendar and other academic-related sessions.

Eligibility Criteria: To be considered for the UNISA BANKSETA Bursary, applicants must meet the following minimum criteria:

  1. South African citizenship
  2. Under 35 years old
  3. Registered for the Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Accounting (BCom Fac – 98302) at UNISA for the academic year
  4. Total household income of less than R600,000 per annum
  5. Not receiving any other bursaries or grants
  6. Not employed in for the duration of the program
  7. Preference given to students with disabilities, financially disadvantaged students, and those with good historical academic performance
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Application Process:

Interested candidates should download and complete the UNISA BANKSETA Bursary Application , available in PDF format. When submitting the application, applicants should indicate that they heard about the bursary through “”

Supporting documentation must be submitted along with the application, including certified copies of:

  1. ID document
  2. Highest qualification certificate
  3. Academic record of the highest qualification
  4. Proof of registration at UNISA for BCom Fac in
  5. ID documents/birth certificates of dependents
  6. ID documents of household income contributors (parents/guardians/spouse)
  7. Proof of income/payslips of household income contributors (not older than 3 months)
  8. SAPS stamped affidavit stating no household income and indicating sources of financial support (if applicable)
  9. Proof of disability (if applicable)

Applications should be emailed to, with the subject line “UNISA BANKSETA Bursary .”

Closing Date and Contact Information:

The closing date for the UNISA BANKSETA Bursary is 26 June, at 16:00. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications before the closing date to ensure consideration.

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For further inquiries regarding the bursary program, applicants should contact UNISA directly:

Telephone: 012 429 4735 / 012 429 3580


The UNISA BANKSETA Bursary offers financial support to students studying BCom Financial Accounting Sciences at UNISA. Through this partnership, students receive comprehensive coverage for tuition, laptop allowance, monthly stipend, and data allowance. Eligible candidates should carefully follow the application process, ensuring that all required supporting documents are submitted. Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact UNISA for any additional queries related to the bursary program.

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