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UNISA Short Course in The Support of Children at Risk

UNISA Short Course in The Support of Children at Risk

University of South Africa Short Course in The Support of Children at Risk

Short Course in The Support of Children at Risk (76977)



On the completion of the course the students will be able to:

  • Classify and Know who are the children at risk
  • Identify the causative factors that led a child to be at risk
  • Describe various intervention strategies through a holistic approach and wellness dimensions
  • Understand how to support children at risk in different contexts
  • Explain how sustainability may be maintained
  • Understanding ethical conduct in dealing with children at risk
  • Describe practical intervention:

-relationship building

-walking path-addressing wellness dimensions




Target group

parents, guardians, grandparents, teachers, social workers, caregivers and volunteers in communities and warders



Admission requirements

National Senior Certificate



12 months


Language medium



Registration periods



Tuition method

Blended Mode


Kind of assessment




Summativeassessment.Studentsmustsubmitandpassaportfoliocomprisingofpracticeorientated activitieswhichwillassesscompetenceinallunitstandards.Asubminimumof40%isrequiredtopasstheportfolioassessment.


The support of Children at Risk (SCSCRA1)
Syllabus/Content Topics


  • Who are children at risk (orphans, those displaying deviant behaviour, offenders, refugees, drug addicts, children from broken homes, school drop outs)

2 Causative Factors

3 Intervention Strategies through Holistic Approach and Wellness Dimensions

4 Support

5 Maintaining Sustainability


1 Identifying children at risk

2 Ethical Considerations

3 Practical Intervention

  • Relationship building
  • Walking the path-addressing wellness dimensions
  • Rehabilitation/Remediation
  • Sustainability



Course leader

Prof Meahabo Dinah Magano

BA; BEd; MED (School Guidance) DED Psychology of Education

Expertise: Psychology of Education- wellness dimensions in various contexts

Department of Inclusive Education

Sunnyside Campus Building 10, Floor 1 Office 58

Tel: 27 12 481 2766

Cell: 0835202036




Programme administrator(s)

Lynette Ramango

Centre for Continuing Education and Training

Sunnyside Campus Building  10 Room B10

Tel: 012 481 2731

Fax 086 548 9968

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