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University of Cape Town Transcript

University of Cape Town Transcript

Academic transcripts

  • Please note that the transcript is a complete record of all your academic activity at UCT. We cannot provide partial transcripts or transcripts that only include specific years or qualifications.
  • Students receive one hard copy and one electronic copy of their official Academic Transcript with their Degree / Diploma certificate at or after graduation. (The electronic copy has only been available from December 2014.)
  • Non-receipt of electronic graduation transcripts must be queried within three months of the graduation ceremony taking place by e-mailing with your full name and student number or date of birth. Thereafter, graduates will have to request transcripts from our office using the process outlined below.
  • For security reasons, requests must be put in writing. The request must include your ID or passport number or date of birth. We encourage you to fill out the Transcript Request Form electronically to avoid errors in processing and e-mailing and/or posting transcripts.
  • Third Party requests must be accompanied by written consent from the student.
  • Cash payments must be made at the University Cashier’s Office (Level 3, Kramer Law Building) or via credit card (form to be sent to Student Records) or via direct deposit into our bank account (proof of payment to be sent to Student Records). If paying at the Cashier’s Office, please note their office hours (Mon – Fri 09h00 – 15h30).
  • No monies can be accepted at the Student Records Office.
  • Proof of Payment must be emailed / faxed or handed to the Student Records Office before the request can be processed. We will not accept screenshots of payment confirmation as proof of payment.
  • An academic transcript will not be issued to a student with outstanding fees or an outstanding disciplinary case.
  • Records are not issued to currently registered students who have written exams until examination results are released for that session.
  • Academic transcripts take 4 working days to process. Records which have to be typed manually from archived master cards take 6 working days to process.
  • Students urgently wanting transcripts to be sent overseas are advised to contact a courier company to collect at the Student Records Office. If a courier is used, you will be liable for all logistics and costs to the courier company.
  • Please inform us via e-mail to the transcripts address that you give permission to the courier company (you must provide the name of the company) to collect your transcripts on your behalf.
  • Please note that transcripts not collected within three months of being processed will be destroyed, and you will need to re-request and pay the fee again if you require transcripts.
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Duplicate degree certificates

  • A duplicate certificate of any UCT full qualification (e.g. degree or diploma) will be issued at a fee of R500 where satisfactory evidence of destruction or irretrievable loss of the original is submitted.
  • Payments must be made at the University’s Cashier’s Office or via credit card or via direct deposit into the UCT Student Records Office bank account.
  • If paying at the Cashier’s Office, please note the office hours (Mon – Fri: 09h00 – 15h30).
  • No monies can be accepted at the Student Records Office.
  • An original affidavit to the effect that irretrievable loss has occurred,signed and attested before a Commissioner of Oaths, must accompany the application.
  • You may only receive one duplicate degree certificate per qualification obtained.
  • No faxed or scanned copies of the affidavits are accepted. It must be the original hard copy document. Please note that a third party cannot swear an oath on your behalf – only sworn affidavits from the applicant will be accepted.
  • This process takes 4 working days.
  • If your original degree certificate is in storage or has been framed, you cannot request a duplicate certificate.
  • Please note that where a duplicate degree application was made in error, monies will not be refunded.
  • Upon request (, our office is able to provide a PDF letter on a letterhead confirming your qualification within four working days.
  • If you request that your certificate be posted to you, it will be sent via registered mail. If you provide a physical address, please note that it will not be delivered to your door. You should receive a slip in your mailbox notifying you that you need to collect your certificate at the post office.
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Course outlines

  • The course outline is the description of the course taken from the relevant faculty handbook. For outlines from handbooks from 2013 onwards, please see here.
  • The cost for the production of course outlines is R50. It takes 4 working days to process them.
  • Payments can be made at the University Cashiers Office or via credit card or via direct deposit into our bank account. If paying at the Cashiers Office, please note their office hours (Mon – Fri: 09h00 – 15h30).
  • No monies can be accepted at the Student Records Office.
  • Proof of payment must be e-mailed/faxed/handed in to the Student Records Office prior to the request being processed.
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Outside verifications

  • Refer to the Fees booklet (3.8, Other Fees And Levies, page 10) for a complete summary of charges.
  • Please e-mail with your verification request only if you are a third party (such as current or potential employer, educational institution or verifications agency).
  • The above-mentioned third parties can send an email query with the candidate’s names, date of birth and qualification/s claimed, and attach their signed consent/authorisation form. Without a signed consent, we can only confirm or deny that the person received the qualification, without providing any additional information. A response will be received within 4 working days.


Payments for all the above requests must be made in one of the following ways:

  • At the University Cashiers Office (Office hours: 09h30 -15h30, Monday – Friday).
  • Via Credit Card (see Credit Card Form).
  • Direct Deposit in the UCT Bank Account.

Banking details

  • Standard Bank – Rondebosch
  • Account Number – 071503854
  • Branch Code – 025009
  • Swift Code – SBZAZAJJ


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