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University of Johannesburg UJ Bunting Road

University of Johannesburg UJ Bunting Road

Bunting Road Campus Auckland Park, also known as APB, is one of the four urban campuses of the University of Johannesburg. The APB was originally a campus of the Technikon Witwatersrand.

Uniquely, the campus is an enclosed section of a suburb. The main thoroughfare of the suburb is Bunting Road, whose name, according to the City of Johannesburg archives, is derived from a subspecies of bird and not the decorative banner it is currently associated with.

A common misconception, as with Kingsway Campus, is that the campus itself is in Auckland Park. However, it is not technically within the demarcated suburb of Auckland Park, but rather in the suburb of Cottesloe. The roads within the campus are Lark Street, Jay Street, Vista Close, Ibis Street, Katjiepiering Street, Falcon Street and Dorbie Street.

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