University Of Stellenbosch Faculty Of Education’s vision is to be “acknowledged and respected unequivocally as a leading and engaged research-driven education faculty”. 

It strives to play a leading role in education, both locally and globally, and to engage with educational challenges, particularly in the South African context. The Faculty is characterised by its significant research profile; its focus on education beyond the school environment and its inter-disciplinary approach to education.

In seeking synergy between teaching, research and community engagement, the Faculty hopes to develop a knowledge base that builds both research in education and the practice of teacher education.

The Faculty contributes to the National Development Plan in the following ways: By increasing teacher training output and teacher subject knowledge; by improving school leadership and management; by training principals and teachers in underperforming schools and offering onsite mentoring and support; and by introducing lecturer development programmes and improving the quality of teacher education in SA.

SU’s institutional goals of broadening access, sustaining momentum on excellence and enhancing societal impact are carried out through a range of teaching and learning, research and community engagement activities.

The Faculty’s research programme focuses on relevant and strategically important themes in education and sport science in order to find solutions to educational, exercise and sport science matters of current concern and to promote the development of education and human movement science in South Africa. This research, which impacts on all of the teaching programmes, is concerned with local as well as international needs. In the light of its strategic importance, the development of human potential in a diverse community has been chosen as a central focus for applied research in the Faculty of Education. Its four departments each have a complementary focus that ties in with the broad research focus of the Faculty.

Teacher training for the Senior and Further Education and Training Phases

Should you wish to become a high school teacher, your undergraduate studies at other faculties could be a basis for postgraduate studies in Education. See Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

If you hold a recognised three-year education qualification, but do not meet the admission requirements for university programmes, you may still be able to register for an Advanced Diploma in Education (ADE).

Lecturer training for Higher Education

The Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (Teaching and Learning) caters for the professional needs of lecturers and learning facilitators. Read more about this diploma under the Department of Curriculum Studies.

Bachelor of Education Honours (BEdHons)

Click here for our brochure on Bachelor of Education Honours programmes.