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University Of Stellenbosch Medical School Registration Procedure

University Of Stellenbosch Medical School Registration Procedure

Registration Procedure

All students must formally register for the academic year in accordance with the University’s official programme for registration during January or July. Registration in July is only allowed under special circumstances. Registration entails more than the official recording of one’s personal, biographical and academic particulars by the University; it also requires payment of the prescribed registration fee.

Copies of the complete programme for registration, as well as information on the user-friendly web-based self-registration facility, are mailed to all students who need to reregister the following year. During the registration process, every student receives proof of registration containing the programme and modules for the year; the onus rests with the student to verify that this document correctly reflects the instructional programme and year of study, and all the modules for the current year. Registration cannot take place if there are any outstanding fees

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