Vaal University of Technology VUT Online Application Form 2020 – 2021

By | January 19, 2020

Vaal University of Technology VUT Online Application Form 2020 – 2021

Apply to VUT

Applicants can apply using the application form or apply online. First you have to make sure that you meet the admission requirements of the programme of your choice.

Application deadline is end of September 

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Institution: Vaal University of Technology (VUT)

How to Apply

Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible in the application cycle. We urge you to apply as soon as you get your Grade 11 final results. The initial selection at VUT is based on your Grade 11 final marks or your most recent Grade 12 marks. You will only receive a firm offer once they have evaluated your final Matric marks. To study at VUT, you will need to have either a NSC or Matric certificate, or else the N3 certificate (minimum average of 60%).

To find out the additional admission requirements for specific courses and qualifications, Click here.

The following documents need to be submitted with your application form:

  • Certified copy of ID
  • Certified copy of Grade 11 or latest Grade 12 results
  • Proof of payment of the application fee

Note that some programmes may not be available at some campuses, so check availability first before you apply.

Application Fee Payment

NB: In the case of applications submitted by mail, payments will be accepted by bank deposit only. Use your ID number as the reference. Postal orders or bank guaranteed cheques must be made out to the Vaal University of Technology. No cash should accompany your application form.

The fee changes annually so please consult the admissions office +27 (0)16 950 9356 to determine the correct amount.

Banking details

Account Number: 530 861 945
Branch Code: 632005

Vaal University of Technology VUT Undergraduate Admission Requirements

General Admission Requirements

The minimum entrance requirements for admission to studies at the Vaal University of Technology is a Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification. A pass mark is required in at least one of the languages of instruction (English) of the University at Higher Grade (HG) or Standard Grade (SG).

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If an applicant offers an N3 qualification as an entrance requirement, it should comprise at least four subjects, plus pass marks in two official languages (of which one must be English), at least at Senior Certificate level (SG).

Additional requirements are specified for each course/ instructional programme. Prospective students must please note that in the faculties of Engineering, Applied and Computer Sciences the minimum required symbol for Mathematics, Physical Science, and in certain cases English, are HG (E) or SG(C).

In the other Faculties and pending the course you want to enroll for, the average recommended subjects are: Accounting, Business Economics, Economics, Mathematics, Typing, Biology, Home Economics, Art, Physical Science, Clothing and Needlework.

Degree courses: Admission requirements regarding post diploma and degree studies are available on request.

All applications will be selected on merit by the department concerned. A candidate who is at least 23 years of age may apply for conditional admission.

The Candidate’s application must be accompanied by the following:

  • Certificate stating formal qualifications.
  • Recommendation from the applicant’s employer stating that he/she has the necessary experience and communication abilities to complete the proposed instructional programme successfully.
  • If an application is conditionally approved, the candidate shall only be admitted to the second semester/year of study, provided that the full first year/semester course has been completed successfully.

Vaal University of Technology VUT Undergraduate Admission Requirements ( Foreign Students )

Foreign Applicants

Non South African certificates must be evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority

International Applicants

Non South African certificates must be evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (Phone +27 (12) 431 5000) and submitted together with this application.

The address is: SAQA, Postnet Suite 248, Private Bag X06, Waterkloof, 0145, South Africa.


Closing dates for submission of application forms: For January registration 31 October.

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Failure to submit a valid study permit on day of registration will result in the applicants forfeiting their place and all monies paid to date.

Late application forms will not be accepted or processed.

Selection will be based on the points obtained according to the following points rating schedule, together with bonus points and limitations as indicated.

A (80% and over)87
B (70% to 79%)76
C (60% to 69%)65
D (50% to 59%)54
E (40% to 49%)43
F (33% to 39%)32
FF (30% to 32%)21

REMARKS: Minimum points rating: The general minimum points required (maximum of 6 subjects) are 26.

Bonus points:
A bonus of 1 or 2 points could be allocated for each compulsory or recommended school subject as indicated for each discipline. (Refer to further particulars as indicated and applied by individual Academic Faculties of the University).
Placement tests: Heads of Department (Academic) may expect applicants to complete a placement test before finally considering an application.

Applicants not in possession of their final (senior) certificate can use their latest exam (Grade 12 Senior Certificate eg. June) results and be approved conditionally. Final Senior Certificate results (Grade 12) must be submitted on registration day.