Walter Sisulu University WSU Vacancies

Walter Sisulu University WSU Vacancies

Walter Sisulu University Vacancies

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Walter Sisulu University routinely announces vacancies on the recruitment portal of the HR department

Vacancies for both Academic and non academic positions are available.

For the latest vacancies at Walter Sisulu University, kindly visit the Recruitment Portal


CAMPUS: East London

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Please use this Walter Sisulu University application form when applying for a position at the University.

Walter Sisulu University has been categorized in the industry Education and Teaching. Walter Sisulu University has (inter)national vacancies/jobs in Administrative and Secretarial, Board and Management, Education and Research etc.

For the most recent jobs, career possibilities, trainee jobs, graduate jobs or internships we advise you to register for free or login and visit the career page of Walter Sisulu University.. This page will give you extensive information about their vacancies and will help you decide if you would like to work for Walter Sisulu University. Browse through open vacancies and read job descriptions, sometimes you can apply directly for suitable vacancies.

Register for free or login to see the job opportunities link of Walter Sisulu University

Contact us

Campus LocationPostal AddressesTelephone Numbers
Mthatha CampusWalter Sisulu University
Private Bag X1
Nelson Mandela Drive
Tel: 047 502 2844
Fax: 047 502 2211

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