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What Age Does Child Maintenance Stop in South Africa


Maintenance payments will continue until the child is self-sufficient. The maintenance payment, on the other hand, should be transferred straight into the child’s bank account.


The obligation to give another person, such as a minor, with home, food, clothes, education, and medical care, or the resources to afford these necessities, is known as maintenance.


Maintenance Types

Child maintenance

Spousal maintenance

Cross border maintenance


Who is responsible for paying maintenance?

Both the biological parents, grandparents, or legal guardians of the kid are legally required to pay maintenance.


Who is eligible to apply for Maintenance?

The parent/person in custody of the child/ren has the right to seek maintenance from the other parent who is obliged or obligated to pay maintenance.

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Or in the event that one spouse wishes to seek support from the other, where relevant.

If the parents are unable to pay maintenance, the biological grandmother may be able to help.


Is maintenance solely the responsibility of biological parents?

No, any person who is responsible for raising the child, such as a legal guardian, adoptive parents, or grandparents, if the biological parents do not have the financial means to pay maintenance.


Why do you have to pay maintenance?

You must pay maintenance for the child’s proper living and upbringing, which includes food, clothes, housing, medical treatment, and education.


Is it required to pay maintenance?

Yes, paying maintenance is required.

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Where can you go to file a maintenance complaint?

Any local magistrate court in the county where the applicant and/or the kid reside.


Can I file maintenance in any magistrate court in the country?

Yes, you can attend to any local magistrate court in the area where you and/or the child live.


When should you pay your maintenance?

Maintenance payments should be made on the dates agreed upon by both parties and approved by the court.


How much should be spent on maintenance?

The amount payable for maintenance will be determined by the child’s requirements and the parents’ financial resources.


When should you stop paying your maintenance?

Maintenance should be paid until the child can support himself or herself.

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What happens if the person who is liable for paying child support dies?

The money for future upkeep should be provided from the deceased’s estate.


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