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What is the Police Number in South Africa?

Police Number in South Africa


What happens if you dial 911 in South Africa?

The telephone number 10111 is for any emergency that requires police response and can be dialed from anywhere in South Africa. A call centre operator will answer the incoming call, take all necessary particulars then assign the emergency to the relevant response team to attend to the incident.


How do you call the police in South Africa?

For less serious complaints and general enquiries, call the nearest police station. When you dial 10111 anywhere in the country, a call centre operator answers the call and takes the necessary information.


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How do I dial 911 in South Africa?

The relative method to dial 911 in South Africa, is to call 112 from any cell phone in South Africa. You will then reach a call centre and they will route you to an emergency service closest to you.



Does South Africa have 911?

No. Currently, there’s no specific emergency number in South Africa so it’s very important for you to have the correct contact details handy for a speedy response to your specific emergency.


What happens if I call 112?

When you call an emergency number, you are redirected to the nearest emergency centre. When you call 112 in India, depending on where you are, you thus get an operator on the phone from the emergency centre in the region where you are at that moment.

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Does 112 work South Africa?

You can also call 112 from any mobile phone in South Africa to be routed through to your network provider’s emergency call center. The operator then puts you through to the relevant emergency service (e.g., police, ambulance, fire, traffic police, and sea rescue)


Where can I report a scammer in South Africa?

Also, if you have received what you think is a scam message, e-mail it to on and it could appear on our website to warn other potential victims. Please ensure that you report this message to your nearest police station.


How long does an ambulance take South Africa?

You could wait anywhere from 15 minutes (in the best possible, highly unlikely situation) to eight hours for an ambulance. Due to a substantial lack of ambulances (on the road) nationwide, South African’s are experiencing an increased number of deaths, which are in some cases preventable


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Do you have to pay for an ambulance in South Africa?

No. Provided an uninsured patient is not experiencing a life-threatening emergency, they have access to the provincial emergency services which will render stabilization and transportation to a hospital if required, at no cost to the patient.


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