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What Pets are Illegal in South Africa?

So you want to get yourself a cute little furry pet, but you’re not sure what animals are legal in South Africa, and what animals aren’t? Whether it’s because they can hurt people or they pose a risk to the health of the environment, there are certain South African laws that you need to be aware of if you want to own one of these pets.

6 Animals you cannot legally own in SA

1. Bears (except those on farms) 2. Big cats (except non-aggressive lions, tigers, and leopards on farms) 3. Wild dogs (including hyenas) 4. Primates 5. Hippopotamus 

Prohibited wildlife species

You’ll want to avoid purchasing or keeping reptiles, wild birds and mammals listed on Schedule 1A and Schedule 2 of South Africa’s Nature Conservation Ordinance for obvious reasons. The list includes lions, leopards, cheetahs, tigers, gorillas, chimpanzees, and many other species from areas such as Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Non-domestic cats and dogs

It’s illegal to import, breed, sell, or own non-domestic cats and dogs (except ferrets). If someone does have one of these animals, they must be microchipped and registered with a cat or dog association. It’s also required for every pet owner to ensure their animal is vaccinated against rabies and other diseases before owning them.

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