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When is Fall in South Africa?

Fall season in South Africa


In South Africa, fall is also referred to as Autumn, and it is around April to May. It is generally warm and dry with days getting shorter and the temperature cooling as it gets closer to winter. Winter in South Africa is June to August. It is generally dry and cool, with snow falling in the mountainous regions.


What season is it in South Africa right now?

Generally, in South Africa, the wet season, the southern hemisphere’s summer, occurs between October and March, the dry season, its winter, June through to August, while spring is September and Autumn April and May.


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Does South Africa have 4 seasons?

South Africa does have four seasons through the year, Unlike Africa’s equatorial countries, where the year is split into rainy and dry seasons. South Africa’s seasons are namely: summer, fall, winter, and spring and they are flipped from the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere.


Is September autumn in South Africa?

No, it is not. It is Spring Season. Although, both spring (September-November) and autumn (March-May) have predictable weather, with crisp nights and balmy days throughout the country.


Which is the coldest month in South Africa?

Normally, the cool season lasts for 2.2 months, from May 28 to August 2, with an average daily high temperature below 65°F. The coldest month of the year in Johannesburg is July, with an average low of 37°F and high of 62°F.

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What months are spring in SA?

The following are the breakdown of the four seasons with respect to their months.

  • Spring: September, October and November.
  • Summer: December, January, February.
  • Autumn: March, April, May.
  • Winter: June, July, and August. In summer the temperature is approximately 30 Cº.


Does South Africa have a winter?

Yes. In South Africa, winter season occurs through June, July, and August. South Africa’s winter is mostly pleasant sunny weather with cloudless blue skies, punctuated now and then by a few days of cold fronts. In the high interior plateau winter days are dry and sunny, with clear skies and crisp air. The nights are chilly.

What months is summer in South Africa?

Generally, the summer in South Africa, lasts from about December to March before winter takes over from June to August. Cape Town and the Western Cape experience winter rainfall and a largely dry, hot summer. South Africa is a large and diverse country with a climate that varies from region to region.

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