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Where Can I Pet Lion Cubs in South Africa?

Going on safari in South Africa? Lions are among the most sought-after animals because they’re magnificent and exciting to see in their natural habitat (as opposed to caged in zoos). One of the best places to go lion watching is Lion Park, because it’s one of the few places where you can pet baby lions as well! Here’s how you can do that safely.

An experience of a lifetime

If you’ve ever dreamed of petting lions, but don’t have the funds for a safari, then we have good news for you. A new lion cub petting experience is opening up in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Lion Encounter offers people an opportunity to hand-feed and plays with lion cubs while they grow up under the supervision of an animal conservation team.

What to expect

If you want to pet lions, then head to the African Lion Safari in Johannesburg.

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Here, you can not only see wild lions roaming free but also feed them from your vehicle.

The safari is home to many animals including giraffes and rhinos!

How much it costs

The lions are used for educational purposes and to generate funds for the sanctuary. Admission is ZAR150 per person. The sanctuary is open from 9 am until midday, with a break for lunch at 12pm. You can stay overnight at the property if you wish, but there are no facilities on site so make sure you bring everything with you!

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