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MBA South Africa
Study MBA in South Africa

Where Can I Study in South Africa

Remote study for a degree or diploma is becoming a far more appealing option for students in South Africa, and for good reason!

Distance learning allows students to study even if they are unable to physically attend a university, as well as students who need to continue working full-time or part-time while studying.

We’ve put together a handy list of accredited distance learning institutions in South Africa to help you figure out where and what you’d like to study.



The University of South Africa (UNISA) was founded in 1873 and is Africa’s largest open distance learning institution, offering internationally recognized degrees. They provide all of the qualifications that a traditional university would provide, from undergraduate to postgraduate, in all fields of study.


STADIO-is the new kid on the block when it comes to distance learning institutions in South Africa. STADIO Holdings began as a subsidiary of Curro Holdings Limited, but it was listed on the JSE in 2017. Their plan was to establish a separate publicly traded company with a focus on higher education.

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College SA-is a private distance education college that bridges the gap between those that want quality tertiary education but can either not afford to go to university, or do not meet the entry requirements. The institution offers bridging courses for those who do not meet the minimum requirements, so there are a number of courses that do not require a matric certificate.


Lyceum Correspondence College

Lyceum Correspondence College, founded in 1917, is a distance learning institution with a proud history of providing higher education in South Africa. Their courses are less expensive than in-person studies, making them more accessible to the general public.

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Oxbridge Academy

For over 20 years, Oxbridge Academy has provided remote tertiary education. If students live in South Africa or elsewhere, they can study remotely through the institution. If necessary, students can study part-time.


Damelin Correspondence College

The mission of Damelin Correspondence College is to provide high-quality tertiary education that is credible, affordable, and of high quality. The institution takes pride in its excellent and prestigious reputation.

The Damelin programs aim to cover every aspect of academic life. Their unique and innovative learning allows students to study flexibly while also pursuing personal and professional goals. Damelin provides education, commerce, science and technology, and humanities courses and diplomas.


How much does online education in South Africa cost?

The cost is determined by the qualification and the number of modules selected. The average student enrolls in 4 to 6 modules per year, at a cost of R1 750 to R6 750 per module.

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Is it possible to earn a degree by studying online?

Many universities and online education providers offer online degree programs, and students in online courses work closely with university and college professors using cutting-edge e-learning technology.


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