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Where Does It Snow In South Africa

What Is Winter Like In South Africa?

There’s usually a nice sunny streak in winter with plenty of cloudless blue sky, then there’s a cold front about once in a while. As the winter progresses in the higher elevations, our mornings are often characterized by pleasantly clear sky and crisp air, with few fogs. There is a chill in the air at night. A cold front can only push temperatures below freezing.

What Time Of Year Does It Snow In South Africa?

The snow in mountain areas falls in the winter in South Africa between June and August. Winter temperatures are generally dry and cool in the mountains. While Cape Town does get quite a bit of rain in winter as it receives most of the rain in the Mediterranean climate, it is nevertheless wet.

When Was The Last Time It Snowed In South Africa?

The 15th to the 15th of October 2018.

Where Does It Snow The Most In South Africa?

There’s no doubt that Hogsback is South Africa’s own Hobbit-land. If you travel carefully, you will come face-to-face with a snowy fairytale. A visit to Hogsburg should make sure you don’t go for the Snowflakes if you are not a fan of Hogsback mountains.

Where Can I See Snow In South Africa?


  • Matroosberg, Western Cape.
  • Cederberg, Western Cape.
  • Sutherland, Northern Cape.
  • Rhodes, Eastern Cape.


Is It Snowing Somewhere In South Africa?

As of today, there is no snow forecasted for this period. South Africa and Lesotho may get more snow this week.

Where Does It Snow A Lot In South Africa?

The area along the borders of Lesotho and KwaZulu-Natal appears to have seen heavy snow. Often unnoticed winter wonderlands are being built in several parts of South Africa.

Is South Africa In Winter?

A few climatic regions exist in South Africa. There is usually a ‘dry’ period between April and October and the winter season runs from May to August through October.

What Is The Climate Of South Africa Like?

Tropical climate is moderate due to the fact that the country is situated in a subtropical climate in the Atlantic ocean on three sides and at an altitude of 3,700 feet on the interior plateau. According to government estimates, South Africa averages four hundred and eighty-six millimeter of rain each year.

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