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Where Is Phoenix In South Africa

Where Is Phoenix In South Africa

Phoenix is a South African town about 25 kilometres northwest of Durban Central, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It was established as a town by the apartheid government in 1976, but it has a long history of Indian occupation. It is associated with the Phoenix Settlement, built by Mahatma Gandhi.

In 2021, riots broke out in KwaZulu-Natal after the imprisonment of former president Jacob Zuma. The riots also occurred in Phoenix and armed citizen militias were formed. There were violent clashes between the community and mostly black people from nearby settlements like Inanda, which caused the deaths of 36 people and increased racial tensions between Indian and black communities in the area.

Media And Communication In Phoenix, South Africa

Local news is distributed via regional newspapers such as the Rising Sun, the Post and Phoenix Tabloid ,daily news & murcury ,Sunday times In terms of telecommunications and Internet access, 99% of Phoenix is covered by either wireless Internet connections such as 5G , 4G , LTE, UMTS, EDGE, and HSDPA, or have access to a landline/ADSL. The majority of ADSL users in Phoenix use Telkomsa as their Internet service provider.

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There are also many local Facebook pages that are used to relay news and crime related incidents such as Grove end & Stanmore page on Facebook helping community.

Health And Education In Phoenix

Public education in the Phoenix area is provided by various primary and secondary schools, one technikon and various FET colleges. There is one major government hospital (Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital), and one private hospital (Mount Edgecombe Hospital). Various clinics are also to be found, e. g. Grove End Clinic.

List of schools in Phoenix:

  • Wembley Primary School
  • Natest Primary School
  • Mahathma Primary School
  • Sunford Primary School
  • Avonford Secondary School
  • Solvista Secondary School
  • Rustic Manor Primary School
  • Stanmore Secondary & Primary School
  • Grove End Secondary School
  • Woodview Primary & Secondary School
  • Highstone Primary School (Unit 11)
  • Grandmore Primary School
  • Palmview Primary School
  • Riverview Primary School
  • Olimpia Primary School
  • Palmview Secondary School
  • Sastripark Secondary School
  • Northmead Secondary School (Unit 10)
  • Phoenix Secondary School (Unit 5)
  • Stonebridge Primary School (Unit 4)
  • Pioneer Primary School (Unit 4)
  • Daleview Secondary School (Unit 2)
  • Greenbury Primary School (Unit 2)
  • Greenbury Secondary School (Unit 2)
  • Clayhaven Primary School (Unit 5)
  • Hopeville Primary School (Unit 3)
  • Northlen Primary School (Unit 13)
  • Crystal Point Secondary School (Unit 13)
  • Brookdale Secondary School (Unit 12)
  • Trenance Manor Secondary School
  • Millview Primary School (Unit 7)
  • Eastbury Secondary School (Unit 7)
  • Rydalvale Primary School (Unit 9)
  • Rydalpark Secondary School (Unit 9)
  • Havenpark Secondary School
  • Foresthaven Secondary school
  • Earlington Secondary School
  • Brailsford Primary School
  • Phoenix Technical Secondary School
  • Whetstone Primary School (Unit 11)
  • Clayheights Primary School (Unit 20)
  • Redfern Primary School (Unit 10)
  • Ferndale Combined School
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Places in Phoenix

Until the early 1990s, Phoenix was divided into ‘units’ by the local government. These units have since been given street and area names, such as:

  • Corngrove road
  • Magmore place
  • Grove End (Unit 17)
  • Stanmore (Unit 18)
  • Eastbury (Unit 7)
  • Southgate
  • Greenbury (Unit 2)
  • Rainham (Unit 3)
  • Stonebridge (Unit 4)
  • Centenary Park
  • Campbell’s Town
  • Centenary Heights
  • Rockford
  • Clayfield (Unit 5)
  • Longcroft (Unit 8)
  • Rydalvale (Unit 9)
  • Brookdale
  • Trenance Manor
  • Sastripark
  • Palmview
  • Caneside (Unit 20)
  • Foresthaven (Unit 21)
  • Woodview
  • Sunford (Unit 15)
  • Redfern (Unit 10)
  • Whetstone (Unit 11)
  • Westham (Unit 12)
  • Lenham (Unit 13)
  • Tiffmore pl ( unit 17 )
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However, many local people still refer to areas by their unit numbers.

There are many religious establishments such as masjids, temples and churches present in Phoenix.

Transport In Phoenix

Three main means of public transport are available: private owned buses, taxis and the rail system including Uber & Taxify. Phoenix has its own railway station which connects to many towns in Durban. The King Shaka International Airport is a short drive away, which provides various outlets. Totaling 175 at its peak in the mid-90s, Phoenix had one of the largest numbers of privately owned buses in South Africa. The two bus services that contributed to the transport landscape of the area were Mayville Coach Lines and Springfield Safari Tours (SOS).

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