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Where Is the French Embassy in South Africa

Pretoria, South Africa, 250 Melk St, Nieuw Muckleneuk, 0181.


How much time does it take to obtain a French visa in South Africa?

The length of the wait depends on the number of applicants and the season. As a result, applicants must make the following arrangements: A short-stay visa must be obtained 15 days before departure, while a long-stay visa must be obtained one month in advance.


What is the cost of a French visa from South Africa?

Although the basic service fees are in Euros, they are paid in the local currency. It costs around 379.74 ZAR per submitted application (this amount varies depending on exchange rate fluctuations) and is not refundable unless the applicant decides not to submit their application before the biometric data is collected.

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How much bank balance is required for a student visa to France?

Evidence of funds

France student visa financial requirements include expenses incurred while studying in France. Tuition fees for the first semester at your university, as well as a minimum of 615 EUR for the first month, are required in your bank account.


Does the embassy examine bank statements?

Certain countries require applicants to submit attested bank statements. While submitting bank statements is common, and most travelers are aware of this step, failing to have these bank statements attested is a common error.

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