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Where Is Venda in South Africa

Venda was a Bantustan in northern South Africa, close to the border with Zimbabwe to the north, and a lengthy border with another black homeland, Gazankulu, to the south and east. It is presently included in the Limpopo province. The South African government established Venda as a homeland for the Venda people, who speak the Venda language. The international community and the United Nations refused to recognize Venda (or any other Bantustan) as an independent state.


Is Venda a part of South Africa?

Only South Africa, the Transkei, and Botswana acknowledged Venda’s independence. Venda was reincorporated into South Africa as part of the newly formed Northern (now Limpopo) province in 1994, under the South African constitution that ended apartheid.

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Vendas speaks what language?

Venda, also known as Tshivenda, is a Bantu language that is an official language of South Africa. It is mostly spoken by the Venda people of South Africa’s Limpopo region, as well as by certain Lemba people in the country. Venda is connected to Kalanga, a language spoken in Zimbabwe and Botswana.


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